How to Make Money on Video Editing?

How to Make Money on Video Editing?

Video editing offers more than passion if you have the skills. It’s unknown to many people that they can earn cool cash working as a video editor. There are several sites online where you can monetize your skills because brands are beginning to embrace videos for marketing. If you are a starter, you can leverage free video editing software to start your journey.

According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics report, people who edit videos online earn an average income of $86,830 annually. Does that ring a bell to you? Now let’s prepare you for your adventure on how to edit video online to earn money.

Who Orders Video Online?

When you see this guide, the first question that comes to mind is, do people order video editing services online? To clear your curiosity, different types of people are constantly in need of the assistance of video editors. The world is evolving, and many things are changing in the business environment.

Video marketing is dominating the advertising space. Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses to move in line with the latest developments for survival and profitability. And this is where you come in as a video editor. Since many people don’t have these skills, your expertise becomes relevant to the world.

So with your skills, you will be providing services to the following groups;

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Private professionals
  • Holding parties
  • Video production companies
  • Video bloggers
  • Web admins, and
  • SEO-specialists

How Much Do I Get Paid for Video Editing?

The income earned as a video editor depends on your experience. However, if you are working per hour, you will be making an average of $20 in the US. For newcomers, the average earning per year is $31,940, while the experts can earn up to $170,040.

It is worth pointing out that your experience and the complexity of the job determine the amount a video editor should charge on a project. Accordingly, the organization’s size speaks a lot about what will be offered for a project.

This is to say getting paid does not depend on your experience only; brand size and job functions determine what you will earn. You can charge a client at your discretion, depending on your perception of the proposed job.

What is Included in Video Editing Services

Video editing services are not limited to using video editing software; they include other services that make a video come out exceptionally. There is an element of assurance attached to the video we see online. We believe the information we get from videos is credible and reliable.

However, an average individual can even doubt the information if the video quality is below par or the sound is incoherent. This is why there are several services attached to video editing to create impactful content.

The services include;

  • Screen Casting Videos
  • Subtitles & Captions
  • Visual Effects
  • Sound Management

How to Master Video Editing?

Mastering video editing is not difficult, but it requires regular practice to become an expert. Once you are familiar with editing videos and other related services, you can begin to explore online sites to monetize your skills.

First of all, let’s break down the process of learning how to edit videos.

Becoming a video editor begins with understanding video editing software and its functions. You can choose from several options available. The best you can use includes Final Cut Pro X, Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, DaVinci Resolve, and Lightworks.

There is a new video editor that has joined the market recently – Clipify. It’s a free computer program suitable for both beginners and experienced users. With Clipify, you can easily cut out parts of your footage, stabilize a shaky video, change the speed of your clips, add background music, and even record voice comments. 

Also, video production comes in different formats, such as MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV, and FLV. These video formats are convertible from one to another to suit your needs. This is a comprehensive guide on how to convert video formats

Where Can I Find Video Editing Jobs?

Working as a freelance video editor offers you the opportunity to earn money anytime. You can get paid for every project you do or work long-term and get paid per hour. You can be selective of the jobs you want to do to avoid complicated projects beyond your capacity.

Does it sound like a career you would like to do? If yes, then visit the following freelancing websites to start getting video editing gigs.

  • Upwork

Over 3 million projects are posted on Upwork daily, including video editing jobs. Upwork is a reliable freelancing website where you can nurture your career. Most clients on this platform are looking for long-term collaboration. This offers you a golden opportunity to work in the comfort of your home and earn a significant income.

  • Fiverr

The days of the $5 project are way behind us now. You can land a high-paying project on Fiverr at the moment. The important thing is to be good at your art to deliver more than what your clients request. You can earn up to $200 per project if your negotiating skill is excellent.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn functions as a resume for professionals. However, the platform has a new algorithm that allows freelancers to find jobs on the platform. To land your dream job on LinkedIn, create a compelling profile showing your skills, ability, and portfolio of jobs completed. Some employers go on LinkedIn to search for professionals with specific skills.

Becoming a 21st Century Video Editor

Now you have the information in the palm of your hand. Your commitment to learning and the application of acquired skills is what makes you stand out among others. So what can you do to become the most sought-after video editor online?

  • Be Passionate about Every Project

Money should not be your priority when editing videos for your clients. Get to understand the objectives they seek to achieve with the clips. Offer suggestions that could help to make the output outstanding. As a video editor, you must be conversant with storytelling. You will need it when working for clients

  • Make your Expertise Count when using Transitions

Video content quality sometimes depends on the ability of the editor to show a good command of transitions. Lesser or excessive transitions can make your production lose quality. You might not even need to use transition in some cases. Finally, ensure you use a transition that aligns with each project.

  • Learn to be Organized

Not being organized will make you spend more time on video production which requires less time. You could delete relevant folders if care is not taken. It is unacceptable to clients and might be the reason an editor is losing clients. Having your work organized makes it pretty easy to edit and re-edit jobs without stress. Create folders for every project and arrange the files concerning what you need them for.


Video editing is an excellent skill that anyone can rely on for a living. Firstly, learn how to use video editing software, understand video formats, and how to convert the formats when necessary. With this knowledge, you can go online on any freelancing or professional platform to begin to make money. Remember, your reputation comes first, so always work to surpass your client’s expectations.


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