How to make office space at home

How to make office space at home

Attempting to utilise space at home for an at-home office can be difficult, particularly if you are working with limited areas. Even if your space is small, that does not mean that you can’t turn it into a great working area that is suitable for you. Here, we will describe some extraordinary ways that you can create your very own office space at home even in tight spaces.  

Guest bedroom  

If you live in a home with multiple occupied rooms this office space at home idea can easily be applied to your setup. We are sure that your guest bedroom serves many purposes, whether it be a room for family and friends to stay in, a room to relax and watch TV in, or even a room to store laundry within, we can always add an extra purpose to this space. Simply adding in a thin and narrow desk at the end or next to a bed or sofa bed can act as the ideal office setting and alongside this, you can use other features within the room to your benefit during working hours. For example, that TV on the wall for some background entertainment, and if the TV remains on an old-fashioned unit, click here for TV wall mounting services. Your office does not need to dominate the whole room and simply utilising a section or corner of a room such as a guest bedroom can be perfect, because let’s face it, this room probably does not always serve a purpose and now it can always be used! 

Floating wall desk & shelves 

If you have sufficient wall space then why not incorporate a wall desk and a few shelves to create your office space at home. This can be done extremely easily by purchasing a wall desk that will most likely attach to the wall and have a pull-down desk. The space in wall desks can be quite compact and limited and we believe that you may require extra storage space for files and documents. If this is the case, do not worry as additional shelving can be placed above or leveled with the desk, giving you extra platforms to keep anything else that is required to carry out your profession. Again, as this office setup may be placed in a room with limited space, and we would advise investing in a chair that can fold up so that the space is not constantly dominated out with working hours or days. 

Under the stairs  

Creating your home office space under the stairs is a perfect way to make use of space that wouldn’t be used for anything else except to generate clutter. This is especially applicable for those who have a small cupboard under their stairs. A desk can easily be placed or built into this space and essentially act as a separate room dedicated fully to your office. Although this space may be tight and compact, the door can always be left open when working for a less claustrophobic feel. Even if you don’t have a separate cupboard under the stairs, you are sure to have at least some space, so make use of this open space to your best ability for your work requirements.  

Wardrobe office

If you prefer to work in your bedroom, then this idea is definitely for you. First of all, attempt to clear out one side of your wardrobe as this is where your new office space will be. Then begin this DIY task by installing a simple ledge at desk height that can be used as your office desk. Ensure that this is attached securely because if a computer monitor or laptop needs to be placed on this countertop, you must ensure that it is sturdy and secure enough to hold the weight. Once this is complete, all you require now is a seat that can pair with the desk. We would advise investing in a chair that is not too large and can fold away or even one that can be placed within the wardrobe once your working day is complete. This ensures that all clutter is reduced and work material is kept within the wardrobe. 

Use table/worktop space 

This final method is probably the most common and popular approach amongst most employees working from home. Using a table or worktop space in any area of the home is the easiest and cheapest approach to setting up an office space at home. You can effortlessly make a kitchen or dining room table, or even a kitchen worktop the ideal area for work, and you can even dress this area up to make it more suitable. Add a small filing cabinet, pots of pencils, pens, and other equipment, or even plants to give this home space more of an office feel. As this space is multi-functional and must be used for other purposes, try to ensure that clutter is kept at a minimum for when you need to use this space out with work needs.  

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