How to Reduce Stress By Decluttering Your Life

How to Reduce Stress By Decluttering Your Life

Clutter is always a sign of excessive stress and it can affect the way you live your life. It’s not uncommon to look at a messy part of the house and think to oneself that it can get done later. Clutter tends to be overwhelming and not a task the average person would enjoy. The more the physical clutter, the more evident how your life is.

The first step to decluttering your life is having less “stuff” to declutter in the first place. Getting there does require some organization, like hiring a skip from Centro Waste for the items you no longer want and cannot sell. The process doesn’t have to be anxiety-filled. There are creative ways to get the work done and maintain your sanity. The lesser the stuff, believe it or not, the lesser the stress.

Declutter One area at a time

Make a list, mental or otherwise, of all the areas in your home that need decluttering. Once you’re done cleaning one area, stop. You can either take a long break or opt to work on the next section another day.

This approach removes the anxiety associated with cleaning and organizing space. You’re also able to schedule better the time to do it. Most people give lack of time as a reason to leave their space- home or office- in a mess. Doing this eliminates that.

 Put the Stuff You Don’t Need in a Trash Bag

One of the ways to start the process is to fill a trash bag. Tackle an area that’s full of items that you’re likely not to need or use again. Approaching it from the frame of mind that your items will help someone else should help you get into more things.

We may be tempted to hold on to some things. When that happens, ask yourself, “When did I last use this item?” if the answer more than the last six months, then it’s time to let go of it.

However, don’t be surprised to find that a good amount of it is trash. It could be the reason you stopped using in the first place. You may have picked a vinyl siding brochure when you’d thought of renovating and never got round to using it. A lot of what we gather is things we think are important at the time.


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Place Aside The Stuff You Have Already Used

One the ways to know if you need an item is to arrange them in one direction. After using them, have them face the other direction. It works if you’re having a hard time letting go of clothes.

For tools, toys, cleaners and anything adding clutter, you can place each item you use on a different side of the storage space. Anything that doesn’t get used or used up to six months is a clear indicator that you do not need for it. That goes a long way in keeping your house decluttered. It’s hard to cause a mess if you don’t have things to make a mess with.

 How Decluttering Lowers Levels of Stress as You Grow Older

Aging is not always seamless for most people, but it need not feel like a sentence. Stress-free situations and spiritual practices can help any navigate life’s transitions, including when you’re nearing retirement, or you’re already retired.

It is an ideal time to focus on achieving a stress-free life given that one has more time on their hands. Though you may have an odd job or family coming round, other times can spend rediscovering your purpose for fulfilling sunset years.

Decluttering comes with many connotations, and the definition is often individual. The perfect starting place- if you hadn’t developed a decluttering practice in your former years- is to look at what rings true to you. Is it mainstream religion or something more specific? Most people, when they hear ‘decluttering,’ they think it synonymous with ‘meditation.’ That is not the case. Decluttering is more of a heightened state of your inner self.

A perfect example is when you accomplish a hard task to perfection, or you listen to your favorite musical piece. The feelings aroused from these activities are only a snippet of what it is. Decluttering is allowing you to connect with something bigger than you.

There are studies conducted that show the link between decluttering and health. One’s life having meaning, purpose and being connected to something makes all the difference during these years.

Given that there is not set global path, take time to find out what would get to you to a balanced state. There are many resources and test online and outside that can help you determine what best suits you. Your “happy place,” if you’re looking for a quick way around this, is an indication of where your spiritual pursuits lie and that’s why decluttering really comes a long way for those looking to live a stress-free life.

The experience and process is different for different people, one could be playing the role of the wise man in a rehab center where treatment for cocaine addiction is offered, another would be caring for animals at a shelter, while yet another would be going for mountain climbing.

What these activities do is to lead one to better physical and mental health. You will remain active, and your mind is kept engaged with things that enrich your lives. As mentioned before, there are fewer things fighting for your attention.

Decluttering finally allows you to have the time to focus on yourself and transform yourself into a better version. In the world we live in today, there are many resources that can aid you in the journey. You only need to be willing to make the steps to live a fuller life for yourself.


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