Huawei Watch GT2 Pro Makes Glasses and Surfaces

Earlier this week, Huawei launched the Watch Fit smart watch with a large screen, but the company is preparing to announce another smartwatch, called the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro.

Last week we first looked at the Watch GT2 Pro, but now a new set of press rankings gives us a much better idea of its design.

The Watch GT2 Pro has smaller glasses than regular GT2 and packs a 1.39″ circular OLED display with a 454×454 pixel resolution. It will come with 46mm variant, and the 42mm model can play a smaller low resolution screen like the GT2.

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with Huawei Watch GT2 Pro With Huawei Watch GT2 Pro Leather Strap with Huawei Watch GT2 Pro With Huawei Watch GT2 Pro Leather Strap with Huawei Watch GT2 Pro

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with Leather Strap

The GT2 Pro Case will be made with stainless steel, and the strap will be either plastic or leather. THE GT2 Pro will have 32MB RAM and 4GB onboard storage, allowing you to store music on your wireless headphones and play it without needing a smartphone as the smartwatch Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity will support. RAM is so low as Huawei uses its own light operating system without requiring third-party applications and additional power.

The source said the Watch GT2 Pro will run the Huawei-owned operating system, and the 46mm model will pack a 455 mAh battery, offering battery life for 14 days. But this time you will also get wireless charging support.

Plastic Strap with Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with Plastic Bracelet Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with a Plastic Strap Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with plastic bracelet

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with Plastic Strap

Common fitness features such as step counters, slip trackers, heart rate monitors, and SpPo2 monitors will also be available. The smartwatch will help you to determine your stress levels and present various sports modes, including running, swimming, cycling, hiking, golf, skiing, gymnastics, and tennis.

There is no word from Huawei on the GT2 Pro Watch yet, but if the date and date of the leaked rendering is anything, we’ll see the GT2 Pro’s appearance in just two weeks from now.

Within two days, Huawei will unveil four laptops and two laptops. Huawei FreeBuds Pro will be the show star with the anc’s development and a new design. The first teaser image mainly focuses on charging cases, but the new image (@evleaks courtesy) shows an attractive rectangular design.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro in Silver

This design was confirmed by the official teaser video posted on Weibo. The video reveals that the original wireless headset will support dynamic active noise cancellations, which will match the ANC forces that fit your environment.

You can also see real life pictures of Freebads Pro below. The silver color seen in this upper ranking is white instead of white. The white option renders were leaked a few days ago with the news of black and some glasses.

The Bud’s Bluetooth 5.2 will use the Kirin A1 chipset for connectivity and will last 3.5 hours to hear their battery continuously (enhanced by battery in the charging case, of course).

Huawei FreeBuds Pro Silver, See GT2 Pro Also Revealed

In addition to headphones, Huawei will unveil a few smartwatches including the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro. The following picture shows a version with a plastic strap. There will also be a version with a leather strap, you can also see its render.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro Silver, See GT2 Pro Also Revealed

The other headset displayed on the 10th of September is either a Huawei FreeLace Pro or a version of it. In addition, huawei will be an appearance of The Watch Fit or a related smartwatch. And finally, there will be two laptops – tune in thursday for all the details.


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