HVAC Maintenance Tips That Contractors Wish Homeowners Would Do

HVAC maintenance is one of those things that many homeowners neglect. HVAC systems account for about 20% of the average family’s energy consumption, which means they can start to destroy your wallet if you don’t keep up with preventative measures. But, there is always good news. There are certain simple steps that any homeowner or property owner can take to ensure their system will run efficiently and last longer.

Schedule Professional HVAC maintenance

Annual maintenance of your AC unit is one of the best ways to ensure that it continues to run efficiently and doesn’t develop any costly problems down the road. A professional technician will be able to clean your unit, replace any worn-out parts, and try to figure out identify any potential issues before they become bigger problems. Ensure that the technician checks the system controls, inspects the gas pressure, and tightness of electrical connections.

Well-maintained AC units can save you money on your energy bills and extend the life of your equipment. If you don’t know whether or not you need to have your system serviced, check the manufacturer’s recommendations or contact a professional technician.

Change the filters regularly.

A dirty, dusty or mouldy air filter is one of the easiest ways to reduce your AC’s efficiency. The unit has to work harder when it can’t get the air through fast enough, which results in you spending more on energy costs and repairs. If you’re unsure how often you need to replace your filters, check with a contractor or manufacturer for recommendations based on their system model number. You should also change them at least once every season (or sooner if they become noticeably dirty.)

Doing regular maintenance like this will ensure that your AC runs smoothly while saving you money over time.

Have the ducts cleaned regularly

Dirty ducts are a common problem, and they can cause your system to lose efficiency. You’ll be paying for the energy used to push air through dirty vents, and you may also experience higher utility bills due to not being able to control the temperature in each room properly. Homeowners must schedule regular HVAC maintenance checks with their contractors at least once per year, but ideally more often than this, depending on how much time it has been since the last cleaning.

Ensure your contractor cleans all areas of the ductwork thoroughly – including walls, floors, ceiling joints, etc.- because dirt is easily pushed into these cracks when your furnace or AC unit runs.

Change thermostat batteries

You can never go wrong with changing or replacing both of the batteries in your thermostat every year to keep you safe from an unexpected event. If the power goes out or there is an interruption in service, your thermostat will lose its programming, and you’ll have to reset it. Replacing the batteries every year will help make sure this doesn’t happen.

Monitor your energy bills

One of the best ways to show the efficiency of your AC unit is by monitoring your energy consumption over time. Programmable thermostats can help cut bills by automatically adjusting the temperature at certain times of the day. And if you notice huge spikes with your energy bill and check if the thermostat is working or not, you know the issue is your AC unit and not your thermostat, and this situation would be the best time to get a maintenance check on the said unit.

Clean the condenser annually

Contractors also recommend cleaning the condenser annually. This involves removing any debris or obstructions around the unit and spraying it down with a hose to remove any dirt or dust. You should also check the coils for damage and replace them if necessary.

The condenser has fans located next to it that help circulate cold air throughout your house by blowing out hot air from inside through holes in its case (the ones you see when you remove the front panel). The fans are covered by a plastic grille that helps keep out debris, but if they get clogged with dirt or leaves, then airflow will be decreased. Look closely at your condenser unit and make sure there is no dirt or other obstructions in the areas around it before air conditioning season starts to help ensure proper cooling of your home. Cleaning the condenser helps improve airflow and prevents overheating.

Keep the Unit area clean and clear.

One of the most simple ways to keep your AC unit running smoothly is by making sure the area around it is free from debris and obstructions. This includes keeping plants, shrubs, and other landscaping away from the unit, as well as removing any furniture or objects that may be blocking airflow. It would be best to clean up any leaves or other debris accumulated on top of the unit.

If you’re having trouble cooling a specific room in your house, chances are you have an obstruction somewhere in the ductwork. Contact a professional HVAC technician to inspect the ducts for blockages and correct them.

Set your AC Unit at Optimal temperature

Your AC unit should be set to the optimal temperature for your home to maintain efficiency and save on energy costs. The ideal temperature will vary depending on the season, but most contractors recommend setting the thermostat between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. You can use a programmable thermostat to help make this easier. There are also apps available that allow you to adjust the temperature from your phone or other mobile devices.

Fluctuating temperatures make your unit work harder, and you’ll end up spending more on your energy bill. It’s also important to keep the temperature in each room of your home at a consistent level throughout the year. You can do this by setting the thermostat for different rooms based on their use or proximity to doors or windows that let cool air inside during hot months.

All AC units use refrigerant to cool the air, and over time this refrigerant will begin to leak out. When this happens, the unit will have to work harder to produce the same level of cooling, resulting in higher energy bills. You can prolong the life of your AC unit by changing the old refrigerant for a new one every few years.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your AC unit running smoothly and efficiently. These tips should help you get started, but be sure to contact a contractor visit https://thermodynamixllc.com/greenwich-ct/ if you notice any problems with your system or need assistance cleaning or repairing your AC unit.






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