5 indications you should make a visit to a spine specialist

It’s quite normal for the people of the 20th century to suffer from lower back pain. Age doesn’t have to do anything with it, even young kids and teens face this problem. Mostly, the lower back is ignored and seen as a daily occurrence and nothing to worry about. But in some cases, the pain and discomfort should not be ignored, and if ignored it might turn into something serious. If you face the types of discomfort mentioned in this article, then just search up a spine surgeon near me and go to the best-reviewed place. 

Before getting to know the situations when you should see a spine surgeon, let’s know what is an orthopedic spine specialist and what they do? 

What is a spine specialist or an orthopedic spine surgeon? 

Around 80% of the people in the world fall victim to lower back pain and an orthopedic spine doctor is expected to tell the reason why. Orthopedics is a medicine that mainly focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Spine doctors and surgeons focus only on issues, problems, and diseases related to the spine. Such doctors are trained to cure the issues causing problems to the spine by surgical and other methods. Spine doctors and surgeons spend at least 8 years studying and understanding the job. 8 years is definitely a lot to spend in college, but the fact that these doctors have spent such a long time studying just to make sure people don’t suffer is extremely impressive. 

Most people think that orthopedic spine surgeons and chiropractors are the same things. But there is a lot of difference between their work, that’s another article but the basic difference is that a chiropractor is someone that manipulates the spine in order to bring ease to the person. Whereas an orthopedic is the person that performs surgery and gets rid of the problem forever. Also you can take the help of nearest Orthopedic Urgent Care Center for the emergency treatment.

5 indications you should visit a spine doctor

Bladder and bowel issues

If you often get into situations where you run to the bathroom as fast as you can and sit on the toilet for way too long, then you should definitely go to the Spine surgeons near me, wherever you live. A few of the issues that have a huge impact on the bowel, bladder, and back are nerve damage or irritable bowel syndrome. If you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome one of the symptoms of it includes cramping in ṭhe abdomen. This basically means that your pooping experience is also not good and will slowly lead to lower back pain and other issues. Nerve damage will also cause abdominal cramping and pain and can also disrupt digestion. 

High temperature  

The natural temperature of our body usually varies a lot from day today. In case you have a fever as well as an extreme discomfort in the spine area, don’t freak out but remember to always keep an eye on the intensity of the pain. In many situations, you might catch the flu right after having a strained muscle that intensifies the pain. Because a fever or flu makes our body hyperactive towards pain. 

On the other end of things, severe back pain during the flu or fever can also be the symptoms of cancer or other infections. Cancer is always followed by weight loss, fevers, and fatigue. Though the origin of cancer through the spine region is rare, it causes the spread of other types of cancer. 

Does physical therapy cure the pain? 

Before going for the spine surgeons near me, give physical therapy a go. If you have been attending a physical therapy class for a considerable amount of time, and don’t see any permanent cure to your lower back problems, then you should definitely consult a spine doctor and ask for what he/she suggests. 

The focus of physical therapy is to strengthen some of the main muscles like the ones in the core and glutes. This will help take the strain off your spine. Physical therapy is helpful for most of the people suffering from back pain. But in case your body hasn’t responded to the therapy according to what you expected, then go to a spine doctor and know the root cause of the pain. 

Chronic pain  

If you have faced an injury, it’s normal for the pain to stay for a bit of time. But in case weeks and months are going by, then you have reached a pretty dangerous stage of chronic pain. At this point, you should hurry and talk to a spine specialist.


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