Learn How To Put Together A Fantastic Canada Gift Basket

Learn How To Put Together A Fantastic Canada Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the best idea to give to our loved ones. What’s lovely about them is we can always put our creativity and imagination on it by customizing every detail of it. Whatever the occasion is, there is a canada gift basket that will surely be loved by the people in our lives.

If you already have all the goodies and you have a bit of a problem assembling it, THIS SITE IS COOL!  This can be a guide for you to create a fantastic gift basket that will make the best gift for your loved-ones indeed.

Supplies and Tools to Create the Canada Gift Basket

The following are the things that you can start to design a fantastic gift basket for your loved ones.

  • Basket
  • Paper as a cushion to the basket (options can be craft paper, newspaper, magazine pages, copy paper, tissue paper)
  • Paper shreds
  • Colorful kinds of cellophane or other preferred wrapping tools
  • Ribbon
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors

You can also use the following:

  • Glue
  • Foam
  • Bamboo skewers

Getting Started to Create the Gift Basket

  1. Choose a basket that is sturdy and will not break easily. The basket is the “main star of the show”; it needs to withstand the weight of the goodies inside, and it should have the best design that your receiver will love.
  2. Another thing to consider in choosing a basket is its base. A circular base tends to rock when heavy items are inside, so the flat-bottom one is preferable.
  3. For the basket style, consider the goodies that you will put inside. If there are bottles like lotions or wine, a high-walled basket is appropriate.
  4. Use crumpled papers to add cushion to the bottom of the gift basket. Crumpled papers must yield the weight of the gifts inside, so make sure you place enough crumpled papers.

Arranging the Goodies inside the Gift Basket

  1. Place the largest and heaviest items in the back and the shortest and lightest items in front. You can add very small things like wrapped chocolates.
  2. For several small items, use bamboo skewers and tape them to make them stand. Instead of crumpled paper, use Styrofoam.
  3. Place the fragile items on top or in front so that it will not crush inside the gift basket.
  4. After all the items are inside the gift basket, fill any holes using paper shreds.

Wrapping the Gift Basket

For the best way to wrap the gift basket, here are the tips to guide you:

  • In cutting the cellophane in packing the gift basket, having excess is better because you can still reduce the excess.
  • Place the gift basket on the wrapping tool on the square and bring up the rectangular flap and cover the front and back portions of the gift basket. Wrinkle the wrapper above the basket or on the tallest item. Afterward, wrap it using a preferred tie like a pipe cleaner.
  • Straighten the wrapper by tugging it above its tie to make it neater. Gather the wrapper about 8-12 inches above the knot and trim it.
  • Fold the seams over and tape to secure it. You can tie a bow or ribbon to the fixed part of the gift basket.


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