Special days are something that we all love to share it with someone. Well, it may be a birthday, valentine’s week, anniversary New Year’s Eve and more.

There comes a lot of differences in how different people respond to different special days. Singles and couples are the most chosen users to talk about as their outlook is totally different from others.

Here, I will shed some light on the life of singles VS couples onspecial days.

New Year’s Eve

Everyone likes to party and enjoy the eve of the new year.

The couple- They booka couple passes for the different events happening in the states. Some of them want to go on a trip and want to celebrate it at a whole different level but only with the partner.

Single- for singles, life is easy as most of them get drunk, bar parties, house parties and yes, they cherish being single and isolate themselves from the crowd and celebrate the eveat home. Checkout Pure Love Quotes.


Birthdays are the days when you have to give treats to your friends and family.

The couple- birthday surprises for the spouse, presents, romantic dates are some of the things that couples love to do for each other.

Single- sometimes they are all alone, sometimes they are with a group of friends and do a party with your money, get birthday bombs, and yes cake facial too.

Valentine’s week

A nightmare week for the singles but yes, love is to be shared and many singles try to convert their category from singles to couples.


Couples arrange precious gifts to express the love they have with each other while singles think that whom they can gift? They are mostly happy during the week as they save up a lot of money.

Romantic dates

Most couples plan it to last for many days and put all their efforts to make it with a romantic date while the singles plan with their friends, go for a long drive and enjoy the day’s singlehood.


Couples are always cuddling and on special days, it becomes more extravagant and is always seen with warm hugs and why not as there is nothing more special than being in the arms of the person you love. While singles wake up and think about the day, yawn and again go to bed while cuddling the pillow.

Wine session

Couples are lost in the eyes of the partner while sipping wine. Yeah, it just adds flavor to the date while singles prefer whiskey and arrange alcohol parties, after getting high on drinks mostly they sleep and snore. Also Follow My Blog- Votesprout


Talking about anniversaries, it is more of laying hands on sore nerves of singles.

Kinds of anniversary singles celebrate are either work anniversaries or marriage anniversaries of other couples.


The comparison between both is quite understandable as couples were also single at one time. both of the parties think that the grass is greener on the other side but who knows what state of the relationship is merrier.


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