Meridian Botanicals – Well-alleged online sellers of Kratom

Meridian botanicals is located in Missouri. They are dream sellers. They are providing their customers beyond their expectations. The vendor is selling online and is completely stocked apothecary. After winning the hearts by providing with best botanicals, now they are ruling Kratom markets. They are giving very tough competition with other sellers. According to the sellers, they are selling high-quality and wildly harvested herbs.


I was impressed when I checked their product line. They have got so much to offer. Apart from herbs and other botanicals, Meridian Kratom is also selling remarkable accessories. Dry extracts, supplements, and tinctures manufactured by them are also of great importance. In the present era, the fame of Kratom is increasing day by day. For this reason, now they are also offering remarkable strains of Kratom.

Kratom strains:

Strains of Kratom are classified according to the color of the vein present in its leaf. Typically, there are three naturally grown vein colors of Kratom. These vein colors include red, white and green. Yellow vein is formed artificially by the drying process. Fortunately, Meridian Kratom is presenting strains in all four colors of the vein. The powdered form of their strains is exceptional and very effective. Following are the strains of Kratom offered by the vendor: 

  • Green Thai
  • Green Dragon
  • Green Kali
  • Red Horn
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Snow White Thai
  • White Malay
  • Yellow Saffron Malay
  • Yellow Saffron Thai
  • Yellow Vietnamese


This is the link of their official website. It is indeed beautifully designed and accurately planned. Their website always attracts new customers. All the information related to their product line, prices and services is available on it. They have planned it very professionally that every customer will feel easy to use and place an order on it. 

Prices of the products: 

It would be wrong to say that Meridian botanicals are one of the most affordable vendors in the present time. They are offering reasonable rates. 1 ounce of Kratom powder is available for seven bucks only. They are selling 112 grams of Kratom at $22 and $70 is charged for 448-gram of Kratom. The vendor is also presenting a pack of 1kg Kratom powder. This pack is offered at as low as$140 only. I must say that their rates are very fair and customers are appreciating them for offering such pretty decent prices. They are the best option for all Kratomites because everything is offered under the same roof. They have high-quality products and Kratom is unbeatable. 

Shipping of the products:

Orders are delivered within 1 – 3 working days They are also perking with super-fats shipment. They have assured their customers that only fresh products will be delivered. To assure freshness, they only keep quite a few Ibs stored at one time. Proudly, they are offering international shipments as well.

Customer support:

Customer service at Meridian Botanicals is up to the mark and implausible. They are very generous and try their level best to satisfy their clients with their answers. They will respond to every message in a very short time. You will surely love their way of talking. They are very welcoming and are never tired of listening and assisting their customers. 

Contact information: 

There are only two ways to get in touch with them. First is through their email address and second is by sending letters to their mailing address. Their email and mailing address is as follow:

Email address: 

Mailing address: 3232 Clifton Ave 

                               Saint Louis, MO 63139 

                               Box 2202 USA

Refunding policy:

They are offering to refund as well. The policy of refund is applied according to the case. On their website, they have mentioned that the refunding strategy will be decided after listening to the case of the customer. 

Payment options: 

Luckily, Meridian botanical is accepting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as well. Apart from Bitcoins, the vendor is also accepting payments through all the major credit and debit cards. Options for paying through Zelle, money order and e-check are also available. Now it’s up to you which option you will pick to send the payment for your order. 

Customer reviews: 

After purchasing fro them, customers are always very happy and contented. They only shared optimistic reviews about them. I have searched a lot to find any negative feedback about them but failed. The internet is flooded with reviews for them and it quite unbelievable that all of them positive. Well, it is the reward of their hard work and efforts they put to makes their customers happy. They are winning the hearts of patrons by offering the best products at low rates with high-class services. Let’s read a few feedbacks given by their customers:

“I love their Krat. It is also recommended to all of you. I have also tried different herbal teas offered by them.”

“Koda you are super. I ordered samples of teas and herbs. They were just beyond my expectations.” 

“Egyptian Chocolate blend is my favorite from them. You should try that. Their Kratom has good stuff and I like their prices also. The strains are very fresh as I tried white Thai and red horns.”

“Their products are above average line. They are offering rare types of Kratom strains. This vendor highly recommended.” 

“Their owner named Koda is very a decent person. He is very down to earth and has all the knowledge of the products he is selling. I am openly saying that anything you purchase from them is outstanding.” 

Final Verdict: 

Meridian botanicals seriously understand the desired of customers. This vendor is an expert artist of selling ethnobotanicals. Those who are looking for a store who is not only offering Kratom but different herbs and botanicals as well then they are not a bad choice. They are not charing too high for their legal and well-alleged products. The vendor is enjoying a very good reputation for a long time.


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