Choosing a Motorcycle to Buy Based on Your Personality

Choosing a Motorcycle to Buy Based on Your Personality

Nothing says thrill, adventure, and excitement more than going on a motorcycle ride, especially in a place like Sydney. Though this city is often labelled as a tourist haven, other things also make it a fun place to live in or visit. One such thing is the fact that Sydney is an excellent place to ride a motorcycle, thanks to its mild climate all-year-round and the many roads to suit every biker’s taste. Given these reasons–and others–it makes sense that the number of motorbike registrations in Sydney, and Australia as a whole, continue to grow over the years.

Now, the idea of riding a bike around Sydney may get you excited, but before anything else, you have to find the perfect motorcycle to do this. Buying your motorcycle is the second biggest thing to do, next to learning how to ride one, so you have to be sure when choosing the brand and model. Perhaps you have been eyeing triumph motorcycles in Sydney because of their cool designs, but investing in a motorcycle requires more than looking at the aesthetics. You also have to consider its quality and specifications, like weight, engine power, and others, to find your bike.

Putting the technical aspects aside, you also have to answer an important question: What do you want to do with your motorbike? Bikers all have unique personalities and needs, both of which can affect the bike that suits them best. Thus, here are some common motorcycle types and the corresponding personalities that match them best. Within this list, you may find characteristics you resonate with to help you decide what bike to get!

Cautious Yet Passionate Rider: Cruiser

Cruiser motorbikes feature a low seat height and comfortable riding position, almost as if you were sitting on a couch. As such, they are perfect for going on relaxed rides, and light trails or, as its name suggests, cruising streets daily. Try checking out triumph motorcycles in Sydney and other selections, and you will find that cruisers are a long-time classic. Since this motorcycle is not too focused on speed or power, it is also suitable for cautious riders who prefer riding at low speeds. The comfort from cruisers also makes them ideal for touring places, though it will be better to get a windshield if you intend to do this.

Free-spirited Adventurer: Dual-Sport Bike 

Dual-sport bikes give you the best of both worlds as they are designed for both on-road and off-road travels. These motorcycles are built for adventure as you can take them to the farthest ends of Sydney. They are made for long-distance travelling and have the needed power and speed despite being lightweight. However, their beauty lies in their versatility since you can still ride dual-sport bikes for daily commutes.

Off-road Lover: Dirt Bike

If you picture yourself racing in large tracks rather than riding on a congested street, then dirt bikes are likely your best bet. This type of motorcycle is not street-legal, so you cannot use it for commutes or light touring. Instead, dirt bikes are perfect for people who love the thrill of riding off-road and outdoors. Though they are not designed to ride with a passenger, you can find several biker communities and groups that engage in fun off-road activities, so you will never feel alone.

Techie Rider: Electric Motorcycle

If you want a low-maintenance ride that will not get you stressed about, then consider getting an electric motorcycle. With its name, you can likely guess its unique feature: chargeable batteries. You need not buy gas since you can easily charge the vehicle whenever it runs out of battery. Electric motorcycles tend to have higher up-front costs due to their high-tech nature, but some find the convenience to be worth the price. Additionally, you can save on fuel costs since you never have to worry about filling an empty tank.


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