Moving 101: Ideas in Making Your Move Safely

Moving 101 Ideas in Making Your Move Safely

Without adequate planning and preparation, moving can be a dangerous undertaking. From heavy lifting to other risk factors, the entire work can lead to a serious physical injury if you’re not extra careful. It’s, therefore, essential to remember that protecting yourself throughout the move can be as important as safeguarding your possessions.

Here are a few ideas to consider when making your move safe.

  1. Get hold of the proper equipment

Moving heavy belongings by yourself can extremely unsafe. This is especially true if you try to move some items before your experienced movers arrive. Under these circumstances, you should get the right equipment to ensure the safety of your move. To take the strain off your body, you should use a dolly to haul heavy objects such as your entertainment center or piano.

When it comes to boxes, you shouldn’t only purchase the right sizes of the boxes, but you should secure the most durable ones possible. This is to make sure an overpacked box doesn’t break your toes.

  1. Dress properly

When moving, you need to be appropriately dressed to ensure you’re comfortable during the relocation process. Avoid wearing too-big clothes as these can limit your movement or cause you to be injured. Choose clothes that are breathable and flexible and footwear that offers a significant level of support. Wear sneakers and refrain from using shoes with heels as these can affect your movability and balance.

  1. Clear pathways

Things become more complicated when you carry heavy items between two distances, and it’s littered with debris. That said, it’s important to check the hallways and ensure they’re free of obstacles. Familiarize yourself with the staircases, sidewalk, and doorways of your new home to see if you can move the items quickly and safely. If you find some objects, remove them to avoid the possibility of getting tripped. Also, remember not to walk over uneven or slippery floors when carrying an object.

  1. Create a plan

 Lifting heavy items is an inevitable part of the relocation process. Unfortunately, it can result in major muscle and joint strain if not done correctly. To lower the risk, have a plan in place and refrain from lifting boxes and pieces of furniture more than what’s necessary. By planning, you can be able to organize the moving truck and arrange items in an orderly manner, so you don’t need to do more carrying than what you have to.

  1. Determine your weights

Cramming as much as possible is a common packing mistake that you should be wary of. Don’t put all the items into one box to be safe throughout the packing process. Instead, get to know your weights before packing everything. If you’re using bigger boxes, they should only be used to hold lighter items and heavier belongings for the smaller ones.

Moreover, you shouldn’t bring heavy objects downstairs without following some safety precautions. Although it’s tempting to place everything in one big box, it’s still best to pack what’s necessary only. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sustaining injuries later on.

  1. Know your limits

The strength to move items varies from person to person. Meaning, you should know your limits when hauling things. Don’t push yourself too far if you don’t want to sustain injuries along the way. If an object seems heavy for you, never hesitate to ask help from someone to do the task for you. If you feel tired, take a break and relax. Bear in mind, seeking help sometimes is okay.

  1. Stretch your body

Before getting started, make to a point to stretch in the morning to keep your body loose. That way, you prevent yourself from being susceptible to injury while moving. When it comes to stretching, pay attention to some known problem areas of your body to relieve discomfort and stress. If you don’t know how to stretch, find some primary body moves on the Internet.

  1. Eat properly and stay hydrated

You should understand the importance of eating healthy and drinking enough water when moving. It’s an essential moving safety tip that you should take seriously to avoid exhaustion, weakness, and other health issues. Despite the busy schedule, find time to take a break to eat healthy foods and drink much water regularly.

  1. Contact a pro

By now, you should know that hiring help is beneficial. That’s because of the mental, physical, and technical planning and preparation required to make your move safe and stress-free. If you’re looking for movers near me, taking a look at some online resources may help.


 Keeping yourself and your belongings safe during the move requires patience, time, and hard work. Keep these moving ideas in mind to ensure you’ll arrive in your new home without injuries. If you plan to relocate to New York City, consider the idea of working with the best moving companies NYC to do everything you can to make the transition as safe as possible.



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