Music School Lessons vs Private In-Home Music Lessons


When your child expresses his desire to be a professional musician or singer, one question that surfaces in your mind is; which of these two will be better for your child, a private teacher or a music school in New York? So, in this article, we will help you in making this decision by assessing the pros and cons of both options available to you.     

Quality And Safety Evaluation 

You always read online reviews to evaluate the quality and safety of the product you are purchasing or the service you are availing. It is always good to know what others are saying about a music school or teacher. However, as compared to a private music teacher, you are going to find more information on the internet about music schools in New York. You may be able to assess the professionalism of the private teacher, but you cannot access his field knowledge.

On the other hand, the music school administration takes interview and verifies qualification before hiring a music teacher. However, if a private teacher has a good reputation, he can be your kid’s music teacher. 


You don’t want a music teacher that shortens or misses music lessons and then makes excuses. This does not happen in the case of the music school. Your kid is not going to miss a music lesson. A good music school guarantees consistency in the lesson. Music schools have more than one music teachers. So, if one teacher is on leave, there is another to cover. So, your kid is not going to miss any lessons.        

If you are hiring a private music teacher, make sure that he has an attendance policy. Consistency in learning is critical. The progress should not be interrupted.  

Music isolation 

If there are benefits of one-on-one music lessons, there are benefits of group lessons as well. In a one-on-one private session, a student gets the undivided attention of the teacher. The teacher has enough time to take his queries and clear his doubts. 

A 1-hour or 2-hour class is not enough if your child wants to be a professional performer. Practice makes a musician perfect. However, practicing when there is no one around can be boring. This musical isolation can discourage your child. On the other hand, in a music school, there are group practice sessions in which your child gets an opportunity to practice with other kids learning the same instrument or singing lessons.    

In the case of in-home private lessons, there is musical isolation when it comes to practice. In a group practice session, your child gets more exposure. A music school can schedule performances on stage which develops self-confidence and a desire to learn more. This provides more exposure.

A Learning Environment

The private teacher has just arrived to teach an important lesson. He has not even started and the baby is crying, or the dog is barking or the maid has started the vacuuming duty. This is stressful. Neither your child nor the teacher can concentrate on that important lesson. When the TV is blaring, your child cannot even listen to the music he is playing. Home is a place to live. A music school is a place to learn music. The ideal learning environment is available in the school. However, if you can provide that environment at home, you can hire a private music teacher. 

Whether you are sending your kid to a music school in New York or you have hired a private teacher, the progress depends on the efforts your child and the teacher are putting. Your job is to make sure that you are selecting the right teacher or music school for your child and your child is serious.  


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