Office Scheduling Software: A Major Add-On to Consider For Your Business

Office Scheduling Software

Office scheduling software (OSS) is a web-based tool that helps businesses create staff work schedules, manage shift swaps, reconcile timesheets, and allows clients to self-book, cancel, and reschedule appointments. When you invest in scheduling software, your business will eliminate the chances of miscommunications between employees and upper management, scheduling conflicts such as double bookings, and no-shows since scheduling software sends automated appointment reminders to clients.

If you are on the fence about investing in scheduling software, here are reasons why you should consider this major add-on for your business. 

Round the Clock Service

When you invest in office scheduling software, you will be more available to your clients. During office hours, clients are more focused on meeting deadlines and performing their job duties, causing them not to have time to make appointments. Studies show that 35 percent of clients prefer making appointments after business hours, and 40 percent of online bookings are made after business hours: these are significant numbers. 

When you integrate Microsoft 365 into your scheduling software, you give your clients 24/7/365 access to your appointments system, allowing them to make appointments whenever they want. 

Automated Reminders and Follow-Ups

Office scheduling software can be programmed to automatically send out reminders to clients a day or two before their appointment. Automated appointment reminders are convenient for your employees because they do not have to reach out to clients to remind them about their bookings, but most importantly, they reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations.

Office Scheduling Software Allows Clients to Access Files Anywhere, Anytime

If you want to give your clients the freedom to access files from any location, you should invest in office scheduling software and consider Microsoft 365 integration. Integrating Microsoft Office 365 into your scheduling is beneficial for your business because it allows your business to store files in the cloud. This way, your clients can access your appointment system from any location with an internet connection and on any device

Secure Cloud Storage

Office scheduling software can make your appointment system more secure. You can integrate Microsoft 365 into your scheduling software to make your scheduling system more secure. Microsoft 365 is a secure environment with tight security measures such as two-factor authentication, which prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your scheduling system. Microsoft 365 also has threat detection and anti-malware features, which means that threats are identified and dealt with immediately. This is especially important if your business is dealing with sensitive employee and client information

Guaranteed Business Continuity

Microsoft 365 integration guarantees business continuity. With files stored in the cloud and backed up at the end of the workday, your business can continue operating as usual in case of a disaster. Even if your physical devices get destroyed, your data, files, and emails are safely stored in the cloud.

Choose Microsoft 365 as Your Preferred Office Scheduling Software

Microsoft 365 is a web-based tool that can make scheduling easier for your business. Some of its capabilities include round-the-clock access, remote access, secure cloud storage, and business continuity. With this add-on, you can keep your business operational and equip your employees and clients with the tools needed to schedule appointments.  


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