Ram Chary Highlights the Personality Traits Important For a CEO

Ram Chary Highlights the Personality Traits Important For a CEO

The Chief Executive Officer or CEO of an organization is known to be the highest-ranking individual of the enterprise. The overall success of a company tends to be largely dependent on the efficiency of its CEO. Therefore, it is important to search and appoint a good CEO at any enterprise. Ram Chary mentions that CEO’s should have certain personality traits that make them a good leader and subsequently assist them to lead the management team of a company in an effective manner. The CEO might share some of their duties with the vice president or the COO of a firm in order to ensure the smooth operations of the firm.

Ram Chary underlines the characteristics that a good CEO must have

A business organization involves several groups of people, such as the employees, the investors, the clients and the board of directors. The CEO the firm essentially would be the person who would ensure that effective communication is maintain between all the important parties of the company. According to Ram Chary, a good CEO must have certain skills that encourage others to listen to them and follow their lead.  Chary is a seasoned professional, who has more than two decades of industry experience in the domain of business. Hence, he has a good insight into the importance of a CEO in an organization, as well as the characteristics required to efficiently fill this leadership position.

The CEO of a company ideally has to face a lot of trials and problems, and hence it is important to employ a competent professional in this position. Here are some of the key personality traits important for a CEO:

  • Curiosity

Good CEO’s are always proactive about improving their skills and talents. They tend to be open to hearing about topics they do not know about, in order to augment their knowledge.  Learning from diverse groups and increasing their knowledge from diverse spheres provides the CEO with a certain edge, and makes them an ideal candidate to lead a firm.

  • Purpose

The CEO of a company generally show a much higher sense of passion and purpose for the success of an organization, in comparison to any of their other staff member. These professionals typically move effectively and swiftly in order to accomplish diverse organizational goals and uphold certain standards that help them to ensure the success of the firm.

  • Realistic optimism

While a certain level of optimism is good, a CEO should also be aware of the fact that there are many trials and turbulences faced by an organization. Hence, they should maintain an approach of realistic optimism while conducting business. While being curious and proactive, good CEO’s are also grounded and practical. They, however, should be willing to consider business solutions that others might deem to be unconventional.

Ram Chary also highlights that a good CEO must have good communication skills, in order to minimize any chances of conflict in an organization. They should also try to maintain a certain progressive vision for their business, and formulate their strategies as per its accordance.


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