5 places you might need a padlock

5 places you might need a padlock

When we store valuable items or important paperwork, we want to be sure it’s secure and cannot be accessed by others while we’re away. However, most cupboards, filing systems and other storage solutions don’t come with a built-in security mechanism. This is where padlocks come in handy. 

Padlocks are available in a range of sizes and offer varying levels of protection, from heavy-duty types for securing valuables, to tiny thumbnail-sized locks to keep prying eyes from a child’s journal. Padlocks are useful to have in a number of different places and scenarios, from locking your bike up, to securing confidential data. Here, we outline 5 places you might need a padlock.   

At the gym lockers

No one wants to be lugging around their clothes at the gym as they exercise, so most fitness centres provide lockers for members to store their personal belongings during their workout. As these items often include valuables such as wallets, smartphones, jewellery, and watches, it’s essential that the lockers be properly secured, to ensure there’s limited risk of theft. Heavy duty padlocks are the ideal solution to put members’ minds at ease. 

In the workplace 

Business offices contain a lot of sensitive and personal data which must remain confidential. While these days much of a company’s data is stored electronically, many businesses still maintain paper filing systems and hard copy records. 

Under The Data Protection Act 2018, anyone holding personal or sensitive data about others (such as customers or clients) is required by law to ensure it’s stored securely. File cabinets or storage cupboards secured with a heavy-duty padlock will help keep this information from falling into the wrong hands in the event of a break-in. 

In the bike shed 

Bike theft is not uncommon, so it’s important to take measures to protect your bike while you’re away from it. The best way to do this is by using a security cable to attach your bike to the bike stand or rail. A heavy-duty padlock will connect each end of the cable and lock it, preventing anyone from stealing your bike. 

While a cable and padlock will stop a thief from riding off with your bike, it won’t protect against “stripping” of your bicycle. Remove valuable items from your bike, like pumps and lights. It may also be worth installing security bolts to your seat post and wheels. 

At school

Secondary school children are typically given a locker to store books and files they don’t need between classes. Lockers are also provided in changing rooms, so students can lock away their personal belongings during sport or PE classes. 

A padlock will help keep personal items secure while students go about their day. They can opt for one which unlocks with a key, or a combination lock, which can be opened with a code. Combination locks are the ideal solution for those who are likely to forget or lose a key. 

On your shed 

Your garden shed is likely to contain valuable tools and equipment which would be costly to replace. For example, a lawnmower or hedge trimmer. Prevent the theft of these items by locking your shed after use and securing it with a heavy-duty padlock. 

Taking out insurance which will cover your garden tools and outdoor equipment against theft or damage is a sensible idea and will save you a lot of financial stress if something is stolen or broken. Take some time to shop around and obtain quotes from a few different insurance providers to ensure you’re paying a fair rate.  


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