Pregnancy And How to Prevent It In One Minute

Pregnancy And How to Prevent It In One Minute

Are you sexually active and not yet ready to have a baby? We cannot deny that most of the population right now are practicing sexual intercourse. It is done for various reasons, whether it be for love, lust, or in other individual cases – for money. However, whatever your goals are, you should be fully equipped before engaging in those romantic acts so as not to regret the consequences later.

Nowadays, we have many options for birth control. It can be natural or by using contraceptive methods. However, we should trust the technique that is accessible, fast, effective and it is possible. Let me tell you what your ways to prevent pregnancy for just one minute are.

What is Pregnancy?

It is also known as gestation or the process when the offspring develops inside a woman’s womb. It can happen by sexual intercourse and right now, it is also possible with the use of assisted reproductive technology. The child will develop in a woman’s womb up to 40 weeks from the last menstrual period. Pregnancy has three trimesters where each term consists of 3 months. During this period, a woman experience changes both physically and emotionally due to the increase of hormones produced by the body to nurture the growing embryo.

All of these changes during pregnancy require much effort, time and money. If you are not yet ready for that, then, you might want to consider taking contraceptives and practicing other birth control methods. Not all birth control is accessible, easy to use and affordable. On the other hand,  you have to know what would be the best birth control to use that would fit a person like you who is always on the go.

Here are some of the easiest and effective birth control methods that you can do  within 1 minute or less:


Patch is one of the easiest ways to prevent pregnancy. It is a thin plastic patch in a square shape. It can be used by placing it to the stomach, buttocks, or upper arms of the woman. It will prevent pregnancy because it will control and absorb the hormones from your body. In that way, the releasing of eggs from the ovaries will be blocked. The patch will be provided by your healthcare professional. That’s how easy it is to use it not only that because it is very effective. According to the studies the failure rate of using patch is only 1 %.


It is an injection and commonly called as Depo Shot. This shot will prevent you from getting pregnant within three months. The shot will prevent you from getting pregnant by its content of progestin that stops the possibility of getting pregnant. Progestin thickens the cervix mucus for the sperm can’t get through. , and you must set an appointment with them. Shot is very effective. However, it would help if you did not forget to get your follow up shots every after 12-13 weeks.


A condom is the most accessible for everyone because you can buy it in pharmacies and other convenience stores. Condom is affordable for all. A condom is your one-minute prevention from pregnancy, it is being placed over an erect penis to block the egg from entering the vagina as easy as that, and you are already protected. Just make sure to use it properly to avoid chances of being pregnant. The effectively rate of using condoms as prevention is 98% out of 100%.


Track Your Fertility And Avoid Sex During Ovulation:

You ought to track your most fertile days and avoid sex while you are ovulation. You can try advanced ovulation calculator to find your menstrual and ovulation cycle. Also, you could try safe period calculator to find your safe days after & before period to protect against unwanted pregnancy. It is said to a good complement to the birth control options.



It is one of the oral pills that a woman can take to prevent pregnancy. It is accessible for everyone as you can purchase it in most of the pharmacies and it is also affordable for most of us. Even though it is just less than a minute to take this pill, it requires consistency because you have to take it daily at the same time and you must not miss even just a single day without taking the pill. It works to prevent pregnancy by releasing hormones like progestin or a combination.

There are a lot of contraceptive pills you can use like Lo Loestrin Fe. Unlike other birth control, this might be costly since you have to take it every month. However, there are a lot of coupons or discount available right now like Lo Loestrin Fe Coupon that offers up to 90% discount from the regular rate. Now you don’t have to worry; you can still be free from unwanted pregnancies by making sure to avail these discounts.

Takeaway : It is a fulfillment for a woman to bear a child. It is also a great responsibility to become a mother that is why it needs a lot of preparation. A woman needs to prepare herself emotionally, physically and financially to successfully raise a child. Having a partner and involving romantic acts is normal especially if you are trying to show your love to the man of your life. We only need to be responsible for everything we do. Especially in making love to someone, we have to be fully equipped for any prevention if you are not yet ready to be pregnant. To saying sorry to your partner better to be ready for that with precaution.


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