What Really Sells a House? Discover the Biggest Selling Point

What Really Sells a House? Discover the Biggest Selling Point

Selling a house is challenging; it could sit on the market for weeks or months without the proper technique. There are things you can control, and with selling my house fast Security-Widefield, you can get help closing the deal faster. There are factors to consider for a quick sale, such as applying the right selling strategy and targeting the ideal group. 

For instance, a young professional prefers an apartment within the city rather than in the suburbs. Different people have varying needs and preferences, meaning you must know who your target is. Read on and find some pointers to answer what really sells a house faster. Discover the most significant selling point. 

Flexible Space

Flexible spaces are a great attraction to buyers because the economy is rising, and everyone is cautious about how they are spending money. When preparing your house for sale, ensure that the buyer can use the rooms differently. Explain these features to them during a viewing session. For instance, one well-lit room can be used as a bedroom, office, or workout space.


Nature lovers value a backyard where they can plant trees and do gardening. A backyard is a great selling point, and it should be well-lit. Ensure that when the time to sell comes, the backyard doesn’t look like it needs lots of work or maintenance. Keep it simple to allow the buyer room to change the space to their liking. Some exterior ideas to make the backyard space stand out are furnishing the patio with suitable chairs, motion sensor lights, walkways, mulch, fresh hanging plants, or freshly cut lawns.

Stainless Steel and Granite Finishing

Classy interior finishes will attract the right buyer sooner than you expect. Features like stainless steel finishing and granite tops are a sensation for most buyers and will remain relevant in the foreseeable future. The fireplace was a selling point before central heating hit the market. Now, fireplaces aren’t a necessity but a personal preference, and they sell as fast as homes without them. 


A buyer is not only interested in finding a listed house, but it should be captivating and desirable. Today’s world is digitized, and different sites offer various properties with a few clicks. Besides the listing, find an agent who has joined a more extensive market and made their houses findable in more significant marketplaces. 

Proper Pricing

Price is a significant factor when selling any house; with the correct pricing, every home is sellable. Hiring a property valuer will help you accurately price your home. 

Mostly, buyers set high asking prices for any of the reasons below.

  • A homeowner can quote a price too high without considering the market value of similar properties. For instance, a seller can upgrade a house before selling, yet the improvements don’t influence the price. During the renovation, a homeowner does so according to their taste; most likely, a buyer will not pay for your preferred choices. 
  • Misinterpretation of the market data where the seller ignores their property but sets the price depending on the neighborhood. Although the location of the property matters, every property in an area has its value. 
  • High asking amounts to leave room for negotiation is a mentality buyers have, but it can make a property hard to sell. Primarily, a listed property with a high selling price works against the owner because if a buyer feels a property is out of their league, they leave it at that. Set your property price to reasonable amounts, increase buyer competition, and sell it fast.


The current real estate market is evolving every new day, and some buyers prefer some features found in older homes because they add character and charm to a home. Still, others love a standard open concept. With an open floor, the owner can work with the space to create extra living rooms and decorate them differently to their preferred taste to make it feel like home.


How many bathrooms are in a house matters a lot. Most buyers prefer a home with an extra bathroom for visitors and an ensuite for other family members. An updated decoration style, a mix of neutral colors, classy cabinets, and trendy countertops will work with most buyers. A new buyer must only make a few adjustments to fit their taste.

The Three Main Buyer Categories

Once you decide to sell your home, make sure it’s eye-catching to the right buyer in price, location, and decor; all buyers want something different. Factor these four groups of buyers when selling your home;

  • Young professionals – They are vibrant in their profession, but they can’t neglect their social life. Hence, they love the convenience of amenities such as shopping malls, nightclubs, gyms, and transport. 
  • Growing families – When showing a home to growing families, think like them. They need a house in a safe and quiet neighborhood. Access to amenities is a great addition since they need schools for their children, healthcare facilities, and local amenities that can accommodate a family, like parks, playgrounds, supermarkets, gardens, or pharmacies.
  • Downsizers – Empty nesters need a smaller, affordable space, a better layout for guests or grandchildren, leisure, a relatable community, and room for improvement.


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