The Rise Of Beer Tourists And Tourism: What You Should Know

The Rise Of Beer Tourists And Tourism

When summer comes, it brings the season of fun, grill outs and chilled beer. Over the last decade, the popularity of beer has grown quite rapidly.

Today, more than 42% of the American prefer beer over wine or liquor. And liquor is the third most popular beverage after Tea and Coffee. Hence, it makes perfect sense for hospitality companies to shift their approach to beer.

This is where a new term has been coined – Beer Tourism. Today most tourists prefer chilled beer over wine and alcoholic beverages.

What Is Beer Tourism?

There is no exact definition of beer tourism. To be precise, beer tourism is a simple concept whose definition changes which activities you are doing. Here are a few activities that will help your beer understand Beer Tourism.

Local Tours

Local people like to tour around their neighborhood in search of places where they have never been before. So naturally, out of such places, beer breweries top the list. However, when it comes down to beer, every region has something new to offer, and this is what snakes the people have a local tour.

Planned Vacation

Today many people are planning their international tour around the popular beer region. Yes, you had it correctly. The beer enthusiast looks for places and selects only the well-known beer region.

Vacation Tour

Finally, there are vacation tours where hotels and other companies hire guides to take the tourists to some breweries and show how the beers were made in the old times.

Why Is Beer Tourism Important?

According to the data, there are almost 7000 breweries in America, and most of these breweries rely on their own taproom to sell beers. Selling beer directly from the taproom boosts the revenue and gives the beer lovers an authentic beer taste directly out of the fermentation process.

The beer tourists are not only helping the breweries to stay afloat but also helping the nation’s economy by eating in restaurants, staying in Hotels, and spending money in the local shops.

Thanks to beer tourism, breweries like Melvin Brewing became famous and are now offering their services online.

Best Places To Add In Your Beer Tourism

It doesn’t matter where you go; you will always find a place where you can enjoy exotic beers. However, when it comes down to beer, there are some places that trump the others.

Below are some of the popular places to visit if you plan a vacation for beer tourism.

1. Prague

Prague is considered to be one of the first cities that started brewing beer. The history can be traced back to the late 900 AD. The popularity of beer in Prague can be evaluated by the fact that Prague celebrates several different beer festivals every year.

2. Portland

Portland might be a very small city with only 70,000 citizens but has more than 85 breweries. This shows how dedicated Portland is towards beer. When you are in Portland, you will find beer everywhere – walking pub tours, beer buses, tasting rooms, and even maps that clearly show where you can get your growler filled.

3. Munich

As a traditional home for breweries, it would not be wise to leave Munic out of the list. Munich is popular for its beer gardens. Visiting Munich will change how you perceive hops cultivation.

4. London

London has a long history when it comes down to brewing. London has invested quite a fortune to maintain their breweries and have cultivated modern methods to brew beer.

5. Melbourne

When we are talking of some of the best places to visit in your beer tourism, of course, we are not going to forget Melbourne. Melbourne is home to some of the best breweries in the world and is known for producing some of the best flavors.

Take Away

There you have it. Here is an appetizer of places for the people who drink, breathe, and live for beer. If you are bored with the same taste of beer your area has, try visiting these places to understand beer etiquette, you will be surprised by the sheer number of beer flavors they cater to.

The name of the places are by no means a complete list; we have just handpicked some of our best places to serve tasty beers. If there is a suggestion from you to add ion here, do let us know.


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