Telltale Signs You Need to Use an Air Purifier for Mould

Telltale Signs You Need to Use an Air Purifier for Mould

If you think that mould can grow on bread only, think again. It can also grow in various areas of your home, particularly those that are always dark and moist. Mould can easily appear and proliferate under sinks and around plumbing pipes. It can also grow on wood, wallpaper, ceiling tiles, and other materials that can come into contact with water.

The problem with the presence of mould is that it can affect indoor air quality as the spores can easily float on gentle air currents. To protect the entire family from inhaling mould and encountering all sorts of health problems, installing an air purifier for mold is a good idea.

Installing an air purifier won’t get rid of mould. However, it can eliminate mould spores in the air, allowing you and your loved ones to inhale pure and clean air. You may not know it, but mould may already be present in your home for some time, and it has been wreaking havoc on everyone’s health without your knowledge.

So, how can you tell if there is mould in your home and you need to get your hands on an air purifier? Read on. Below you will come across some common telltale signs.

Water Leaks and Damage

Mould is very much likely to be around if there are water leaks that are not getting attention. In some instances, water leaks are not directly noticeable. However, the appearance of water stains or discolouration can easily reveal their presence. The same is true if there is wallpaper or paint that is peeling, bubbling, or cracking.


If flooding was once a problem or is a recurring issue, there is a big possibility that mould is currently present in your home. Other than encouraging mould formation that can lead to poor indoor air quality, flooding can also compromise your home’s structural integrity. In other words, it is a matter that needs dealing with accordingly.

Characteristic odour

Did you know that many types of mould can thrive in your home? The majority of them give off an unmistakable odour. Some people say that it has a meaty or earthy smell. Others say that it smells like wet and dirty socks. However, it is important to note that just because you cannot smell something funny doesn’t mean that mould is absent.

Noticeable Mould Growth

Catching a glimpse of some mould is the definitive sign that your home is suffering from mould infestation. In some instances, mould doesn’t look like what you spot on contaminated bread. Some moulds look stringy, while others look like dots. Mould can also come in many colours. Some of them include white, black, grey, brown, purple, orange, and pink.

Allergy-Related Symptoms

Is there anyone in the family who constantly complains of allergy-like symptoms even without coming into contact with commonly known allergens? Consider installing an air purifier for mould because the allergies might also occur due to the presence of mould spores in the air. It is most likely to be a mould problem if the symptoms go away upon using an air purifier.


Sometimes, figuring out the presence of mould is a tricky task. If you suspect that your home has a mould infestation, get your hands on a high-quality air purifier to eliminate mould spores in the air. To nip the problem in the bud, contact a reputable mould removal company.


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