Metrics That Matter in the Success of Digital Marketing Strategies

Metrics That Matter in the Success of Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing solutions are a new age marketing type that helps reach out to a large number of potential customers online. It uses the digital medium such as social media platforms, websites, and search engines.

These days a consumer undertakes online research before buying any product. Hence an organization needs to create its presence in the digital marketing industry. Many consumers prefer to make purchases online at the comfort of their homes. The online market also lures customers by offering a wide variety of options and discounts to choose from.

Digital marketing typically aims at increasing the conversion rates, and offers various variants to choose from: 

  • Website – It gives detailed information about the company and its products. 
  • Search engine optimization – This is a powerful way of conversion as more than 70% of the consumers start exploring products through search engines
  • Content marketing – It involves making use of the content for grabbing customer attention and generating traffic.  
  • Social media marketing – It includes product promotion on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  
  • Pay per click – Under this advertising type, your products typically appear in sponsored links.
  • E-mails – They can be used for customer engagement as well as for welcoming new customers on board. 

Before marketing in the online world, you must have an understanding of the metric that determines the success of digital marketing strategies.

The Right Platform

There are different ways of marketing in the digital space, each having a varying impact. The marketing type depends on the target consumer, nature of the content, allocated budgets, and organizational goals. Organic digital marketing enables creating visibility in the online marketplace without making any payment for the advertisement. Posting on your Facebook page to increase product awareness is an example of organic techniques. Your advertisements reach the potential consumer under inorganic type by paying the requisite charges, for instance, pay per click type of advertising. An inorganic mode typically has more potential to increase the number of views and visits. However, it would help if you struck a balance between both these approaches.

Know your Content

Consumers today are exposed to a huge amount of information. They have access to detailed product specifications by way of a simple click. With the existence of multiple posts by various vendors, grabbing attention is becoming challenging day by day. 

Content created should be simple to understand, quick to read, and visually appealing. Right content delivery is useful to rope in new customers. 

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence tools collect and analyze enormous data for extracting useful information and making informed decisions. Business intelligence in the digital marketing industry quantifies the impact of a particular ad campaign through data analytics. 

Knowing the number of likes and dislikes, consumer comments, and feedbacks directs an organization to make remedial strategies. Consumer preferences are subject to a constant change, and hence it becomes essential to analyze real-time data. 

Business Intelligence is beneficial for planning, reviewing, and updating the promotional activities. It is a useful mechanism for evaluating the benefits of a particular advertising campaign.  

Periodic Website Updates

The website content should be reviewed and updated periodically. Think about a consumer on your website and who begins reading to know more about your company and product. 

They may get disgruntled on realizing that the data is redundant. This disappointment may create an aversion for your brand, and the same consumer may refrain from revisiting your website. 

An updated version vouches for the active presence of the vendor. The website should also be user-friendly and easy to navigate.   

Be Mobile

A cellular device today is a preferred choice of transacting for many. While sitting on a couch, people randomly browse online through their mobile phones. Having a mobile version of the website increases the probability of adding new visitors. Creating a mobile application is a good option for serving consumers at their ease and convenience. 

Continue the Conventional Modes

Online promotion is a convenient marketing tool; however, it misses the human touch. In-person meetings and exhibitions create a different impact. It becomes easier for a consumer to put trust when there are a face and a voice to your product. 

Moreover, there is always a group of individuals who are still comfortable with conventional offline mode. For such consumer types, a catalog in hard copy would bring more satisfaction than an online post. 

Hence one must not underestimate the importance of traditional marketing. Complimenting offline as well as online marketing efforts, leads to creating a holistic marketing model.

Implementing the metric influencing success in the digital marketing industry leads to an efficient marketing model that helps an organization combat competition and create a strong market position.    


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