Quick Tips For Choosing Men’s Thongs

So, you have decided to go over the dark side. You are thinking about buying a male thong, perhaps to satisfy a curiosity. Sure, your pants or shorts will cover the racy undies, but you feel the breeze, and it nags at your mind.  

No other men’s undies have received so much ridicule than the g-string. It’s a piece of clothing reserved for the strippers and the bedroom. 

First, congratulations. Only a few have the confidence to pull off men’s thongs, with their butt cheeks showing in all their glory. 

But if you are thinking about buying thongs, here are some tips for you to follow to do it right the first time:

  1. It’s all about the material: The fabric more than holds your family jewels, it is also crucial to make sure that nothing runs up or cuts into your skin. Cotton is noted for its softness and comfort. The small pores allow ventilation. Nowadays, however, you can also choose other fabrics like the stretchable spandex or lycra, or nylon for its wicking properties. Nylon also helps prevent chafing on the skin. If you like to be sexy, you can choose silk, which would offer coolness like no other.
  2.  Slender back:  Today’s thongs, however, allow the material to lay flat on your buttocks or hips. It makes it less conspicuous when you are wearing a thin pair of slacks at the office. You do not want to answer awkward questions from co-workers or suffer furtive looks from strangers.
  3. Ample support: At the end of the day, the men’s thongs should still provide sufficient support to make sure your privates stay in place. Spandex has the feel of satin but the support of cotton. There are some uses for the satin g-string, but they are probably restricted to the bedroom. They are not designed for yeoman’s work. So, the easy solution is to buy one for work and purchase another for fun.
  4. Try and try: When you do not have a favoured brand yet, the sizing can be quite tricky. So, it will be wise to buy one size larger and one true-to-size to determine the fit. Spandex thongs might be too snug for true-to-size, so maybe you can go one size bigger. For cotton, you can probably base your purchase on your current underwear size.  

Do Men Really Wear Thongs?

It is a question that really deserves an answer. The knee-jerk reaction when you see another man with racy underwear is to question their sexuality. Based on the responses of those who are regular users of men’s thongs, below are the most common reasons:

  1. Men’s thongs are extremely comfortable after they stop feeling self-conscious about it.
  2. No tan lines and no underwear lines underneath their pants.
  3. They feel sexy when they wear them.
  4. They feel at ease and have the freedom of movement as their crotch and buttocks feel less restricted.
  5. Surfers love them because they do not ride up their crotch, unlike Speedos or cycling shorts. 
  6. They are comfortable in their own skin and like to wear what they want.

So, if you are thinking about buying a g-string, be mindful of the tips above. Be careful, however. Even fewer men went back to regular underwear after they tried on a thong. Some say it is an acquired taste. But it’s a taste that it is easy to acquire.


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