Tips for Finding the Right Washing Machine

Tips for Finding the Right Washing Machine

Contrary to popular belief, hand washing is not necessarily the best way to clean your clothes. While the process can help you save electricity, the amount of effort and time required to carry out the task negates whatever advantages it brings. All things considered, using a washing machine is still the best way, especially if you are using the right one for your laundry needs.

If you are currently looking at new washing machines to replace your old one, you would know how confusing it can be, given the numerous brands, models, and types available in the market today. To help you purchase the right washer, here are practical pointers that you may want to consider:

Assess Your Needs Vis-à-vis the Type of Washing Machine

 There are mostly two types of washers, a top-loading and front-loading version. One kind is not necessarily better than the other, given that they come with their own advantages and disadvantages. As such, you should list your requirements and examine the pros and cons of each type to determine which one will best address all your needs.

For instance, top-loading washers are more affordable, offer more laundry space, and require less bending when putting laundry in and taking them out. The disadvantage, however, is that they are less energy and water efficient than front load washers.

Front-loading machines may come with a higher price tag, but you can save on energy and water bills in the long run because of its efficiency. Front-loaders are best for washing large and bulky items without sacrificing the quality of cleanliness, and they are also fit for people with small laundry spaces since they can be stacked.

 Consider Affordability and Quality

 While it is easy to be swayed by low-priced washers, make sure that you do not choose solely based on the price tag. Cheap washing machine models are not only noisy, but they are lacking in terms of cleaning performance.

Rather than choosing affordability over quality, make sure to find a machine that satisfies both. You can read online reviews and see top picks of consumers and experts to help you find high-quality washers that are also reasonably priced.

Think About How Much Laundry You Have

Washer capacity is an essential factor when choosing the right machine for your needs. To get the wash basket size right, make sure to consider how many clothes you wash regularly.

For instance, if you are living alone, you can choose from smaller-capacity models available to save on electricity and water. But if you are washing for the whole family, it is best to go for large-capacity machines. Such models will help cut down your laundry loads significantly.

Do Not Forget About Convenience

As you look at the different types, features, and sizes of washers, imagine how you are going to set-up and use each one. If you are thinking of buying a top-loading machine, consider the depth of the tub. Note that it should not be too deep that picking clothes out would be challenging.

Perhaps you intend to stack your front loader. If so, find a machine meant for this purpose and one that allows you to manipulate the control buttons on top easily.

Choosing the most suitable one from the many brands and models of washing machines available is necessary to ensure a satisfying and convenient washing experience. To help you find the washer that will address all your laundry requirements, take the time to consider the tips mentioned above.


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