Tips for first time air travellers

Tips for first time air travellers

Flying on an AirPlane for the First Time or the First time in a long way after a pandemic? If Yes, then for you here is a list of a few things that you should know clearly and get familiar with. Just to travel stress-free and comfortably.

Below is a list of tips by specialists under Tips for First Time AIR Travelers, for those persons who are sitting on the plane for the first time.

1. Check the Airline’s luggage requirements

Do you know if you carry overweight luggage with you? Then it can cost an excess baggage fee which can sometimes amount to more than the cost of checking the bag in the first place. So to avoid excess baggage fees, you should always visit the airline’s website, to check and review the luggage sizes and maximum luggage weight including the restrictions.

The Luggage Sizes and maximum luggage weight including the restrictions vary from airline to airline. As there will be different luggage sizes and luggage restrictions for PIA airline as compared to Indian Airlines.

So before the flight, make sure to check all the restrictions and acceptances related to luggage Size and Weight.

2. Arrive at the airport two hours early

Catching an airplane is not as easy as cooking Maggi. As there are a lot of formalities that you need to follow to catch an airplane at the time. So to catch the airplane on time, you should always reach the airport a minimum of 2-3 hours earlier than the flight time.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends that domestic travelers reach the airport 2 hours earlier than the flight time and on the other hand 3 hours earlier for international flights or international travelers.

3. Keep your ID handy

Airports are well known for strict document checking. So make sure you keep all the documents handy. As if you go for any checking it will be easy for you to show your documents that are in hand, instead of keeping your documents in your Suitcase.

Here, we advise you to get a small handbag for you, in which you can carry your important documents. As you carry a big bag for your documents, then it will be near to hard work to find the documents again and again for each counter and it can also delay you.


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4. Wear easy-to-remove shoes

While Going through different security checks, they may ask you to remove your shoes, belt, jacket, wallet, and more. This will be to check them through the x-ray machines. So be prepared for these things and always prefer to wear easy-to-wear and easy-to-remove shoes. As these will save you time and can make your process faster.

5. Dress comfortably

Whenever traveling, through airplanes, always try to wear comfortable clothes. As if you wear heavy clothes that are not comfortable for you, then it can be a very bad situation for you. As wearing uncomfortable clothes for long hours, sitting just in one place can not be easy, as your thing.

So always, wear light and comfortable clothes. But if you want to directly meet someone special then you can carry your clothes with you and after you land then you can wear them. By the way, you will feel comfortable while traveling and can also impress him or her.

6. Remember all travel documents & passport

Not all travel documents are important while traveling from one country to another, there are just a few important documents that you need such as Your Passport, ID, Visa, and more, any traveler without any important document can be refused at the airport or can not be allowed to enter the country to which the traveler is traveling to.

So to avoid any incontinence, make sure to check and be ready with all the required documents 1 or 2 days before your flight.

7. Buy travel insurance

Now, coming to one of the most important tips is to buy Travel Insurance before traveling. Travel insurance is mostly useful for long-distance travelers. Travel insurance is insurance that covers a claim for a lot of reasons such as emergency medical expenses, lost or stolen baggage, personal liability and so more.

A lot More

Below are some points or we can say some extra tips that can lead a stress-free flight to you:

Exchange your currency beforehand or online, Don’t panic over the security procedures, Bring your food, Consider the climate of where you’re flying to, Bring your entertainment, Bring some in-flight accessories, Consider pre-selecting a seat, Keep checking your itinerary and flight status, Make your baggage easily identifiable and a lot more.

Final Words

In final words, we have a special tip that is to Stay hydrated, as the higher altitude can cause headaches and dizziness. So to avoid it and to enjoy your first flight make sure to get hydrated by drinking a lot of water while traveling.

So this was all for today under 7 Must-Know Tips for First Time AIR Travelers. So if you liked our article make sure to give a sweet review in the comment section and follow us on our linked social media channels. Finally, Enjoy your flight and stay safe.

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