Tips In Practically Design Your Living Room Before Moving

Tips In Practically Design Your Living Room Before Moving

to a new place means you have to decorate your living room from scratch. With all the things you need to do when moving, you don’t have ample time to decorate your space as soon as you arrive there. That said, it’s better to start designing your living room before you move to make it an inviting place once you get settled in.

Read on to know more about some tips in practically designing your living room before moving.

Choose the right colors

Before anything else, it’s important to set the mood of your living space with the colors you choose. That’s because the colors you pick can impact the way you act, feel, and think in the room. Not only that but they can provide an energizing or relaxing feeling to your entire space. If you’re looking for a calmer and more relaxed area once you move, try the shades of white and soft blue. These colors also make your living room a perfect place to set up elegant gatherings in the future.

Invest in stylish wall coverings or other finishes

Compared to other rooms in your house, a living room is a public area that deserves a formal treatment. Thus, if you want it to be more welcoming, use some wallcoverings or finishes that reveal your personality. Look for a beautiful wallpaper print that gives warmth and comfort to your walls. Aside from wallpapers, you can also opt to embellish your walls with other finishes like some artwork pieces. If you have a gallery of family pictures, you can hang them against the wall to make your entire space a refreshing one.

Select a comfortable flooring

Being a public space in your new home, it’s essential to find a comfortable flooring that will not only give the whole area a design statement but will also make it more comfortable.  For example, you can choose a vibrant carpet with a mixture of stripes and florals that will help your furniture to stand out. If you want a popular choice for living rooms, you can go for hardwood floors, stone tile, or ceramic tile. This will surely transform your living space into a sanctuary of relaxation for your family and guests.

Add inviting lighting

Your living room’s lighting fixtures should be there to create a comfortable and peaceful feel. Consider having layers of light by positioning light sources to distribute illumination adequately. For instance, you can place table lamps to encourage you and your guests to relax. Plan the overlapping curvatures of light to focus the seating rather than the walls.


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Dress up the windows.

You don’t have to spend tons of money just to make your living room look elegant and classy. You can do it by dressing up your windows with fabrics that depict luxury. Look for curtains with thick folds and puddling ends that can enhance the overall look of your space. Moreover, the shades coming from the dressed up windows regulate light and give you a better sense of privacy when it’s necessary.

Have a media center.

 Before the moving day, it’s a good idea to design an entertainment center in your living room. If watching TV is the primary purpose of the room, plan out how you’re going to position your television set and other related electronics. Also, look for a piece of furniture like a customized built-in bookcase that will serve as a perfect spot to place the television. Remember, having a media center can be a practical way of giving your living room an inviting feeling.

Get the room’s vital elements in order.

Apart from making your living room a media center, you also need to get the space ready with its essential elements. These are the furniture pieces that will define your room’s aesthetic design. Start putting up your couch so you’ll have a place to sit and relax. If the sofa isn’t sufficient to accommodate the whole family as well as the guests, you can add club chairs.

Moreover, place a coffee table that’s not only used to accommodate coffee sessions but look for one that has a built-in storage ideal for keeping magazines. Don’t be afraid to play around with your furniture pieces to get the most refreshing arrangement of your living room. If you plan to bring your existing pieces of furniture set into your new home, it’s important to look for professional movers for hire who can ensure a safe move for all your valuables.

Conclusion : Of course, you can design your living room luxuriously without having to spend much money. By following these practical designing tips, we hope you find this article helpful in making your living room a welcoming and relaxing place to sit down and gather with your family. Also, if you plan to bring and incorporate some existing items into your new living room in NYC, call furniture movers gold coast.


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