8 Tips for planning an Ideal wedding

When laced together, “wedding proposal” and “budget” might not really sound romantic. The actuality of a memorable proposal, on the other hand, does not come cheap.

But with proper planning and execution, you can work out the entire proposal within a set budget.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for you to get going. Follow the tips prepared by us to the T and plan for a perfect surprise!

Plan your proposal ahead of time

Every would-be fiancée loves a surprise element in the engagement plan since it takes the romantic factor up a notch!

Yes, a spur-of-the-moment proposal is an exciting idea. But it happens only in advertisements and movies. It is, therefore, better to plan ahead of time to keep the entire proposal a surprise.

Start with deciding a date to pop the question. Later, prepare a detailed list of cost-effective proposal ideas and how you plan to execute them. Ensure that you’re doing it 3 months prior to the date.

This way, you have ample time in hand to adjust and alter the timeline.

Prepare the event based on her personality

Cliché proposal ideas like flash mob is the best if your fiancée loves all the attention.

But if your partner isn’t comfortable with the limelight, better plan for something private. Prepare an event that’s in line with her personality.

It is, of course, alluring to plan for a celeb-style wedding proposal. But remember, it is about ensuring that she feels special and not to entertain those around you.

Create a complete budget involving all the details

In your proposal budget, involve every detail regarding the event. From the ring and venue to flower and dinner expenses, list down everything.

When you prepare a sumptuous wedding proposal plan, you get to include more items in the budget.

Look for an engagement band beforehand

The main element of your proposal plan is the engagement band. Look for one that’s within your budget at least a month before you pop the question.

Ensure to do your research with regards to the ring’s design, size, cost and setting ahead of time. This is because your partner is going to wear this jewelry for the rest of her life.

Select a nearby place as the venue

Popping the question with an incredible view in the background does sound romantic. But it’ll only empty your pockets.

Look for places within the town or city that are known for their charm. Maybe opt for a beach, a park or even a botanical garden to ask her out.

This way, you won’t have to travel places to find the perfect location with an outdoor wedding ceremony backdrop.

Learn about different metal types

When preparing a budget for the wedding band, understand the various metal types.

Engagement rings are often made using platinum or gold. These are known to be valuable, resistant to wear and tear, and long-lasting. But when compared to gold, platinum rings are slightly expensive.

If the platinum ring isn’t within your budget, go for a white gold band. The durability is almost the same and white gold looks similar to platinum. You can also consider Titanium rings for Valentine if white gold seems costly.

Metals like palladium are also a great option for engagement rings since they can provide you a platinum-look.

Similar to platinum, palladium is also hypoallergenic and long-lasting. But it has a darker hue and isn’t dense, which makes it an inexpensive metal.

Keep an eye on special discounts offered by concerts, venues and restaurants

Reap full benefits of vacation packages and discounts offered by venues, provided they’re in line with the plan. Book the place or event ahead of time to save some extra dollars.

Keep in mind, the timing and surprise element is essential to ensure the idea works out. Just plan the proposal properly so it doesn’t clash with important events.
Have a backup plan in place, provided something goes wrong.

Spend money only if it’s worth it

Is spending money on 5,000 roses for your partner even worth it? Yes, it is a beautiful gesture, but you’ll only waste money.

If you find room to spend money, consider options that are long-lasting.

For instance, you can hire a videographer or photographer to capture the special moment. You can also use that money to fly her parents for the proposal. Or host a brunch the next day and invite your family and friends.


When it comes to planning an ideal proposal, it involves a lot of money. So, prepare a proper budget and try sticking to it.

The average cost of a wedding band also keeps increasing. But you can still find perfect Titanium rings for Valentine within your budget by preparing beforehand.

Plan a stress-free proposal, determine the money you can spend and accordingly come up with the best surprise ever!


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