Go For The Best: List Of Top Bvlgari Men’s Luxury Watches That You Need To Know

Go For The Best List Of Top Bvlgari Men’s Luxury Watches That You Need To Know

Men are not complicated; they can go to supermalls, buy the only thing they want, and then leave. They don’t usually complicate everything but talking about men’s luxury watches is a different story. With luxury watches, men want to have the very best and the most unique. Here are the lists of some Bvlgari men’s luxury watches.

Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Watch Full Rose Gold

The Bvlgari Octo Finissimo watch is a stunning luxury timepiece. That phrase is an understatement if you’re referring to one of the most expensive luxury watches in the market right now. With a price tag of at least 46,000 Euros or 54,830 USD, the Octo Finissimo is a one of a kind Bvlgari watch everyone would love to have.

Here’s a brief description of the Octo Finissimo; it’s an automatic movement and houses an 18k full rose gold body, bracelet, and dial. If you’re a fan of gold, this watch will be your haven. The Octo Finissimo has a case diameter of 40mm combined with an octagonal case shape, which makes it unique from other luxury watches out there.

You can also bring or wear the Octo Finissimo anywhere, mainly at sea, since it’s rated to have 30 meters of water depth resistance. You’ll also have 60 hours of power reserve, which is more than plenty compared to other typical watches; besides, it’s not your ordinary luxury watch. Overall, the Octo Finissimo just screams so much luxury and beauty.

Bvlgari Octo L’Originale Watch Full Rose Gold

If you like gold watches with a price tag less than the Octo Finissimo full rose gold watch, then your best pick is the Octo L’Originale of Bvlgari. A price of at least 23,000 USD, which is still on the expensive side, but at least this watch offers a mechanical movement compared to Octo Finissimo’s automatic movement. Nevertheless, they’re both excellent watches.

With the Octo L’Originale, you’ll have a bi-directional automatic winding with a small date function on its 3 o’clock. In its case, you’ll have an 18k rose gold color, plus a DLC or treated with diamond-like carbon. Another thing worth appreciating about this luxury watch is its transparent back, which provides a more luxurious feel.

It houses a 41mm octagonal case combined with an anthracite dial. You’ll also notice its luxury looking hands and indexes that are gold plated, which complements the watch’s overall look. Unlike the Octo Finissimo, you only have one option for the band; with the Octo L’Originale, you can choose between steel or rubber material bands or bracelets.

Bvlgari Roma Finissimo Tourbillon Watch

The Roma Finissimo tourbillon watch of Bvlgari provides at least 40 years of distinctive style and creativity in ultra-thin luxury watches. It features the most sophisticated complications of movements, which a particular watchmaker can only create. The Roma Finissimo is also equipped with the thinnest tourbillon movement in the world right now.

The Roma Finissimo tourbillon watch is a mechanical movement with a manual ball-bearing and winding. It also offers an 18k premium grade rose gold body case combined with the most exquisite brilliantly cut diamonds. To add more beauty to its close to perfect design, the Roma Finissimo tourbillon offers a very pleasing lacquered black dial.

In the watch’s face, you’ll also notice a small see-through opening of its tourbillon, which is nice to look at. With Roma Finissimo, they are using the highest quality possible for an alligator type of leather band. Bvlgari didn’t take for granted anything about the little details of their watches. It just shows how severe Bvlgari is with watches.

Bvlgari’s Bvlgari Cities Special Edition, Roma Watch

The Bvlgari Cities Special Edition is a simple yet elegant watch for the man that doesn’t want to boast so much. The Bvlgari Cities Special Edition from Bvlgari’s Roma watch collection offers a very subtle design. It uses a mechanical movement with an automatic movement. This watch uses a high-quality stainless steel case combined with a treated black like carbon or DLC, unlike the ones above.

On its black treated bezel, you’ll find an engraved “BVLGARI ROMA,” which is a pretty delicate touch that’s unique to this watch only. Despite having a very simple overall design, the Bvlgari Cities Special Edition has a transparent back, indexes in rose gold, black-coated dial, and an interchangeable premium leather or rubber band.

The watch offers a 41mm case diameter size, which is pretty average for most men out there. Other functions that you’ll find in the watch are date, minute, and hour indicators. It also uses a pin buckle, which makes it very easy to wear and remove. Like other Bvlgari luxury watches, this watch can stand water depths up to 50m, which is very impressive.


Luxury watches can be costly to the level that buying a particular luxury watch such as a Bvlgari watch is already unreasonable. But if you have the money, knowledge, and love for expensive luxury watches, then go for it. Bvlgari offers a vast collection of premium Swiss-made luxury watches that only a few people can have.


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