Top SEO News: Latest Google SEO Tips 2022

Top SEO News Latest Google SEO Tips 2020

Regardless of beautifully rendered website and awesome portfolio you won’t be able to excel and go further if you are lacking in result-oriented Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google are quite objective to things like keywords, alt tag and sitemaps, just to name few. Knowing these terminologies in-depth are not necessary always, but comprehending how to improvise your SEO is very crucial for online success and higher rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is the process where the web traffic of your business site is improvised from major search engines through algorithm search results or organic search results in search engines. Remember, the higher your website appears on search results, the higher the number of traffic influx would be from these search engines. Google and other search engines keep on updating their algorithms and keeping pace with those updates is necessary to excel and rank higher on SERPs. So, it is important that you keep checking the latest Google News to learn about the Latest Google SEO Tips that you may implement to improvise the page rankings without the use of paid schemes provided by search engines. One can discuss it with few top digital marketing companies to get latest updates on algorithms and latest updates by search engines.

Page Titles

Google usually make use of Title Tags so as to display the page on search results and help them appear on top of the results. These are the tags which convey the users and spiders what the page is all about. Remember, to keep it short as Google prefer displaying only initial 50-60 characters of the tile tags. Try to make some relevant, compelling and short descriptions featuring the target keywords and page topics in front.

Understanding the Need of Your Audiences and User’s Intent

You need to know the preferences of your target audiences and users, whether they like audio content, videos or images or simple text. Knowing the preferences can help you excel as per the experts. This is crucial because the search engine ranking is fluctuating rapidly in the recent past and to adjust to this shift in 2021 you are required to change the way you have been doing SEO, keyword research and more.

It is the time when you need to stop matching the phrases and focus more on ensuring that the content you are publishing for SEO purpose is answering the questions of the audience comprehensively which they are asking via searches. So, you need to take your content a step further simply by answering and anticipating the questions that your target audiences may have.

Going Beyond Google Search

2021 will be the year once aging where SEO would not only be about optimizing the site for Google, but marketers will also have to consider the other search engines. You need to think of driving users not only from Google, but also from other search engines and this can be done by ranking at top position in SERPs. One can hire a seo consultant if you want to make your website seo friendly and achieve better rank in SERPs.

Your SEO efforts must not only limit to drive in traffic, but it must go beyond that to ensure that you have optimized the search experience, whether it is app based, web based or insert the next big technology based, so as to create the efficient and appealing intersection of user’s needs.

ALT Tags

Remember to add videos and images on your website that comprises of expressive words. These words are also referred as alternative text descriptions and these descriptions enable Google to find out the page using the same keywords present in the video or image descriptions and also the usual text across the site. This maximizes the chance of your website to get easily found and this consequently increases the ranking on search results.


Sitemap is the page that comprises of listing and creates links to other related pages on the website. Sitemap enables the Google Spiders to find out the pages instantly and with more importance to the searches in question. So, your pages would get located quickly and easily both by the users and spiders and can be reached with very minimal clicks.

Increasing Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness

Creating and increasing your expertise, authority as well as trustworthiness, also known as EAT in Google search quality rating guidelines, is also considered as a key SEO tip in 2021. However, EAT is mainly created for the people rating the Google algorithm, but can also be used to understand where Google is heading towards quickly. This will in fact help the SEO experts to know that the quality actually comes with context. Ranking higher won’t be possible simply by writing authoritative articles until and unless you are having the authority on any given topic or subject.

Investing in Technical SEO in 2021

Websites tend to grow with complexity year after year, thereby making technical SEO a crucial aspect of investment in 2021. Speed, Progressive Web Apps and JavaScript are some of the key factors to consider on technical side of the Search Engine Optimization.

These were some of latest Google SEO Tips that you must keep in mind while doing SEO for your website in 2021.


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