How To Transition Your Child To Multi-Speed Bike?

How To Transition Your Child To Multi-speed Bike

Your child has mastered pedaling, steering and other skills. Is he ready for a multi-speed bike? However, it is not easy to figure out if your child can transition from a single-speed bike to multi-speed bike. You have a lot of options available when it comes to Santa Cruz mountain bikes. It is easy to choose the right Santa Cruz bike for your child. However, this transition is a different thing. Cycling skills should be advanced enough for a mountain bike.

Hand braking and switching gears while pedaling, balancing and steering, the transition to a multi-speed bike can be difficult. This transition is difficult for a child who lacks athleticism. If your athletic child has outgrown his single-speed bike, a multi-speed bike is the best option available to him.  

Advantages Of A Multi-speed Bike

Kids start their cycling adventure with bikes with foot brakes. This allows children to keep their attention on steering and pedaling. As their cycling abilities progress, they want to go up hills. This is possible with a multi-speed bike only.

A multi-speed bike adds complexity to cycling. This also promotes coordination in children. Your child can learn to climb and navigate roads easily at higher speeds. With the understanding of the rules of the road and mastery in cycling basics, your child can buy his first 10-speed bike. When cycling skills are improved on a 10-speed bike, he is ready for even greater cycling experience. You can shop for a 21-speed bike for your child.

When to buy the first multi-speed bike for your child?

All kids have different cycling abilities. If a 12 year old boy is ready for a mountain bike, it does not mean that a 14 year old boy is also ready for one. Most of the times, the decision greatly depends on the growth of the child. A 9- to 12 year old child is grown enough for a multi-speed bike. You can visit an online cycle store and go for a fewer fixed-gear option. Gears and hand brakes can increase the complexity of cycling. Make sure that you provide clear instructions to your child. Also, tell your kids to remain patient for a few weeks. Make sure that they are aware of the rules of the road.

Choosing the first multi-speed bike

You cannot surprise your kid with a multi-speed bike on the evening of Christmas. Not every multi-speed bike is the right bike for him. You must make sure that your child is comfortable with the number of gears. Make sure that he is comfortable with the height. The risk for injury is high with a wrong bike. He should be comfortable with the hand brake. While the color has nothing to do with the comfort and performance, brand matters.

A bike with 20” wheels is ideal for a 4’0” to 4′ 7” tall kid. Choose a bike with 24” wheels if your child is taller than 4’7”. Most of the entry-level mountain bikes for kids are from 6-speed to 10-speed bikes. These bikes are just like mountain bikes for adults but with less complexity.

When you are exploring an online collection of Santa Cruz mountain bikes, make sure that you choose the right bike.


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