Can Tudor Watches Retain Their Value Over Time?

Can Tudor Watches Retain Their Value Over Time

Tudor is a luxury watch brand that stood behind Rolex for many years. The majority of watch collectors consider it as the shadow of its sister company but later on, it successfully made a name for itself. It is slowly occupying a special place in the watchmaking industry which started because of the release of the brand’s heritage line. A lot of enthusiasts loved its unique features and complications that other manufacturers failed to produce. It is now enjoying a surge in popularity consequently becoming one of the hottest names in the market with a much affordable price point. Continue reading if you want to know if putting your money into this brand would be worth it. 

A brief history of Tudor watches

Hans Wilsdorf was the founder of Montres Tudor SA. He established this wristwatch brand in 1946 intending to produce timekeeping tools with the same quality and durability as its parent brand, Rolex, but at a more affordable price tag.  It grew and became one of the most popular brands during the late 1940s to 1950s. The first Tudor watches it manufactured were the Oyster and Oyster Prince that resembled the design and quality of Rolex. They captured a wide audience because despite their impressive features and built, they had market-friendly retail prices.

1954 was one of the most remarkable years for the company. It was the time when they made Oyster Prince Submariner available for sale. It generated unbelievably high sales for this collection because it looked so similar to the Submariner model of Rolex. They had the same features, screw and crown design, and both of them featured the logo of Rolex. 

Tudor’s close relationship with the military 

In the 20th century, Tudor started to establish a great relationship with the military. It became the official watch brand used by all members of France’s Marine Nationale. They used the dive tool watches manufactured by the company to test their quality and durability. Other military organizations that used watches from this brand were the Jamaican Defense Force, United States Navy, and the Canadian Navy. Today, it continuously produces timepieces with unique integrated designs and colorful dial chronographs which you can’t find in any Rolex watches because it uses extremely conservative design ideas. 


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What made Tudor so successful?

Tudor became so successful today despite the rocky roads it went through in the past. After deciding not to produce timepieces anymore, in 2012 the management relaunched the brand in North America while staying true to its roots. It used its previous vintage models as inspiration for the new collections. A lot of watch collectors love the extremely well-made watch designs, complications, and movements. They are durable enough to withstand adverse conditions while remaining stylish allowing you to use them on any occasion. One of the greatest reasons behind the success of the brand today is that its watches have the same quality, durability, and performance as Rolex watches but have price tags that the majority of people can afford. 

Can Tudor watches retain their value? 

Since you will be spending your hard-earned money to own a Tudor Watch, you want to get assurance that your purchase will be worth it. One of the most common questions that people have is that watches from the brand can retain their value over time. Well, some models are great investments while others are not. Continue reading to know the factors that allow Tudor watches to holds much of their value even after years of purchasing them 

Scarcity principle

The scarcity principle states that any product with a limited supply but with high demands in the market will have an increasing value as time passes by. It is because a lot of investors and enthusiasts are willing and able to purchase them in the secondary market at premium prices. Knowing this, you have to ensure that the Tudor watch you are about to get is hard to find as it will have a higher value in the future, if not retained. Another contributing factor to value appreciation is the intricate manufacturing process used by the brand. It assembles everything through the use of the hands from movement to dial and hands. 


Tudor watches vary in design, features, and complications that is why they also have different levels of popularity. If you are after a timekeeping tool that can hold the same value in the future, then consider purchasing the most popular model from the brand. Since a lot of people know their existence, they will probably want to own one even if you sell it at a higher price. The unknown models have lesser desirability from the public which means that their value will diminish in the long run. 


If you plan to sell your Tudor watch years after purchasing it, you have to ensure that it maintains its good condition. It is advisable to use it during important and special occasions only and avoid wearing it on a daily basis. A lot of visible wear and tear will discourage enthusiasts and collectors to purchase it at a premium price. Bring it to a professional watchmaker regularly to check for any damage. Aside from that, you have to take special care of it by cleaning it once in a while using the right materials. You might also want to take note of its water-resistance level so that you know if you can use it during diving, snorkeling, and other underwater activities. 

In Conclusion

Tudor is a great watch brand that used to be a shadow of its sister company which is Rolex but throughout the years, it created its own identity. It offers a wide range of timepieces but not all of them can retain or increase their value in the future. You can use the listed factors above as a guide to choose a watch from the brand with the best possible chance of giving you a high return on investment. If you are not yet aware of the watch options offered by the brand, visit now to explore each of them! 


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