Best Guide On How to Turn On/Off Closed Captioning or Subtitles on Peacock?

Best Guide On How to Turn On/Off Closed Captioning or Subtitles on Peacock?

Know here How to Turn On/Off Closed Captioning or Subtitles on Peacock?

In the last two years, the Pandemic has been a hotbed of innovations and acceptance. People have seen a complete virtual lifestyle and have also survived it. Completely house arrest is what we faced. Back at that time, we were in survival mode. And what helped us through is the ultimate virtual platform. The internet was one of the most consistent companions for us. From WFH to entertainment- everything needed internet. During that period, everything came to a stop all a sudden. Work as well as life took some time to start with something new and exclusive. 

We all ran out of patience. But we didn’t feel bored. And all credit goes to the online entertainment streaming sites. During a pandemic, everyone discovered and rediscovered many things. These are amazing features of the internet and social media platforms. We were able to continue our productivity through this virtual platform. Simultaneously, we were able to enjoy our leisure time through these. One of the most entertaining parts of the internet was online movie streaming. 

Some authentic and non-legal platforms are there where one can enjoy entertainment content. There are series, videos, movies, games, comics, and many more. These platforms both have options for live streaming and download. But sometimes, downloads might cost charges. So, most people go for streaming online. 

Online streaming of movies and other content has no barrier. One can watch and movie from any region or any language here. Also, there is no problem with understanding as well. Since one can find suitable language subtitles or captions. We all have linguistic barriers. But that should never limit our desire to explore entertainment. And all thanks go to the closed caption sites. 

What are Closed Captions?

Closed captions are the written dialogues and narrations of a movie. The movie is a representation of cultures and cultures have various languages. Sometimes we do not understand these languages. Also, at times, people use different accents to express their dialogues. In both cases, closed captions help us to understand the meaning and essence of the movies. None can change these transcripts of dialogues. 

There are different apps that transcript these dialogues. One of these is Peacock.’

About Peacock: 

Peacock is a very efficient and reliable site to use. It produces dialogues or transcripts to make the content understandable to the audience. It has a very user-friendly interface. The process of use is very easy and adaptable. Here, one has the option to customize the color or size of the font in the closed captions. In this article, we will discuss everything Peacock closed captioning

What are Subtitles?

Peacock terms the closed captioning as subtitles. Subtitles are customizable closed captions. With the help of this app, the users can customize the patterns and designs of the subtitles. But, one must go through certain processes to get access to these features. 


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The Process of enabling or disabling Closed Captions o Subtitles on Peacock:

One needs to follow these basic steps. This is to use Peacock for controlling subtitles of entertainment content. 

First, one needs to launch the Peacock app. (If one doesn’t have the app, it is available on Google Store or any other downloading site)

Second, for first-time users, you need to create an account on the platform. It will ask for your name and email id with password. It is completely safe. The information remains confidential. 

Third, now you can log in to the site and reach the home page. 

Fourth, there are drop-down boxes for every category of entertainment. You can select one according to your choice and start playing. 

Fifth, while playing the content, the user can control the subtitles. For this, they can take the cursor on the top most left rectangular icon. 

Sixth, wait for the button to turn yellow and then press OK from your remote control. One will be able to find different options. 

Seventh, from that drop-down list, find the option subtitle. Now press on it and you will find options for enabling or disabling it. Thus you can operate turn ON/OFF closed captions in peacock. It might take a few moments to load. You need to be patient. 

The process of customizing the Subtitles: 

It is possible to change or customize the transcripts in Peacock. However, there are different ways of customization as there are different devices. Here we would discuss the processes in different devices. 

a) In Android Devices:

i) The user must need go to the settings of their device. 

ii) From the options, choose or select the ‘General’ option.

iii) After that, one chooses the accessibility settings. 

iv) From the drop-down list, next, you need to select the hearing or audio option. 

v) Lastly, you can click on the captions and select your customization. You can choose to enable it. Or you can choose to close a closed caption in Peacock

b) In iOS or TVOS:

i) GO to your device and click on the settings part. 

ii) Next, click on the accessibility option.

iii) After that, choose the hearing option.

iv) Last, click on the captioning and subtitles button. 

v) Now you are eligible to customize the subtitles as per your wish. 

c) In Xbox Devices:

One can also avail of the option of customizing their subtitles while using Xbox as well. For this, the user needs to go to the official website of Peacock. It is From there, they can operate and make the changes in the subtitles as per their desire. Thus one can turn off closed captions in Peacock. 


There are two types of people in the world. Some like to focus on what the actor is saying and some likes to focus on the acting of the person. SO for the first group of people, the subtitle is what they search for. And the latter group opts for disabling subtitles. With the help of Peacock, people can easily enable or disable the subtitles, as per their choice. 

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