Understanding the Different Types of Car Gauges 

Understanding the Different Types of Car Gauges 

Car gauges are the display panels that you see on your dashboard. These are very valuable since it allows you to keep track of the important aspects of operating your vehicle. You can monitor your temperature, speed, oil pressure, etc. There are different types of car gauges that you can use for your car depending on what you want to gauge, the quality you want, and the style you are interested in. When it comes to gauges, prosport gauges are considered one of the most premium brands.

With so many gauges available in the market today, it is important that you verify your wiring harness and options under your dashboard. In this way, you will know what can be handled by your electrical system. If your vehicle has a stock wiring harness, you should improve this for the auto gauges you want to install. If you need help on this, then you can always go to aftermarket auto body shops.

Before purchasing your auto gauges, you must know how these auto gauges work to ensure that you are getting the appropriate result for your vehicle. Here are some types of auto gauges and their uses.


All vehicles must have speedometers. They are used for measuring the rate of your speed. You should check if your speedometer is working accurately to make sure that you can estimate how fast you are travelling. To do a quick test, you can travel at a speed of 60MPH and monitor the number of minutes it takes you to reach the mile markers on the freeway.


Tachometers are also another important type of gauge since they will measure your RPM. Keep in mind that the longer you travel at a higher RPM, the more your engine will be working, and your fuel mileage will worsen.

Oil Pressure

The oil pressure will monitor the lubrication of your engine. It is essential to keep your engine running efficiently, and at the same time, you can ensure that your engine will last longer. It is much better if you have a higher oil-pressure. In case you noticed that your oil pressure suddenly drops, you have to shut down your engine right away to prevent any further damage to your engine.

Coolant Temperature

The coolant is responsible for regulating the temperature of the different parts of your engine. It can help prevent your engine from freezing or overheating. The gauge for coolant temperature is vital since it can help determine whether the coolant is doing its function, that is, regulating the temperature. The temperature should not be extremely high or extremely low.


This gauge will measure the voltage being provided by your battery. In case your voltage is low, then perhaps there are a lot of systems in your vehicle that will not run properly or stop running.


Aside from the gauges that we have mentioned above, there are still many specific aftermarket auto gauges that are available for measuring other engine systems. Prosport gauges are used by some of the fastest vehicles across the world.


Knowing the use of every gauge on your car can help you in understanding how your car works. You must check your gauges regularly. If there are gauges that are not working properly, then be sure to replace or repair them immediately so you can monitor the performance of your vehicle properly.


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