How to Use the Best Women’s Weighted Vest

How to Use the Best Women’s Weighted Vest

Have you ever heard about women’s weighted vests for running? If not, this is the time to try adding one of the best women’s weighted vests to your workout for additional strength training and fat-burning. There are many ways to use a weighted vest however you must know the best way for enhancing calorie burn, muscle faster, and building strength.

Definition of a Weighted Vest

A Women’s weighted vest is made from heavy material or is equipped with a small pocket that can be filled with sandbags, other weighted objects, or small steel bars. The general objective for the weighted vest is to add some extra way to the body weight exercises, distance running, walking, or speed or quickness drills for agility. It helps in gaining strength and endurance. Whenever it comes to performance, research has shown that using this type of waste will help you in speedily recovering the body and gain strength and the lower body muscles and generate more force against the ground. It can also lead to improvements in power, strength, and acceleration during running, jogging, and other exercises.

Tip 1 – Do Bodyweight Exercises

It’s very simple to turn a bodyweight workout into a difficult routine by adding up a weighted vest in it. You can try the checklist given below-

  • 20 weighted vest push-ups
  • 2-minute treadmill run
  • 20 weighted vest squats
  • 20 weighted vest reverse lunges
  • 20 weighted vest getups

Repeat these 5 moves for around 4 to 6 times and you are done. This routine works the best if you have a 10 to 20-pound weighted vest with you. If you want an advanced version, you can also try out pull-ups.

Tip 2 Go on a Weighted Vest Hike or Walks

If you really want an easy nature hike or a trail to be an intense workout, you can do so by adding a woman’s weighted vest to the nature walk or hike. To do this, you just need to simply put over the weighted vest underneath your shirt and get ready. For walking and hiking, go for a heavier pound of a weighted vest.

Obviously, you don’t need to simply wear a weighted vest during a hike. You can wear it during the walks around the neighborhood or the park or do the stair repeats with it as well. The sky’s the limit when you are wearing a women’s weighted vest. No matter how you move or where you move, the best women’s weighted vest is definitely going to make a difference in your life. You will be happy as a clam with your increased strength and efficiency with the help of women’s weighted vest.

To briefly conclude, the women’s weighted vest is definitely going to add up some strength and muscle mass on your body. It’s time to beat the monotonous rules and challenge your body with something new.

Happy Working Out!


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