6 Useful Gift Ideas For The Minimalist In Your Life

6 Useful Gift Ideas For The Minimalist In Your Life

A minimalist has minimal belongings on their person and in their home.

Minimalism has been around since the 1950s and was originally based on an artist’s movement. These days it applies in direct response to consumerism and living a more mindful life. 

If there is one area that a minimalist might cause you problems, it is when you need to buy them a gift. Not to worry, there are actually lots of ways to keep your favorite minimalist happy on special occasions. Here are six useful gift ideas for the minimalist in your life:

Something Everybody Uses

An easy gift for a minimalist is something that everybody uses, such as items for the kitchen.

Just make sure you skip the novelty gadgets and products, and instead choose the best cookware you can afford. A minimalist will appreciate one product that is built to last, ahead of several items that are aesthetically pleasing, but low in quality. 

Disposables & Consumables

Disposables & consumables like food, flowers, beautiful cleaning products and cosmetics are great gifts for a minimalist. These items will be used, enjoyed and then cease to take up space in the person’s home any more. Do stick to vegan and organic items free of alcohol if you don’t know the person and their dietary needs.


Why not give your favorite minimalist the gift of a memory? Here are some creative ideas for memory gifts you can give to a loved one:

  • A voucher from you for one luxury lunch or dinner or cooked by you
  • A voucher from you for a coffee, cake and a chat whenever they need it
  • Entrance fee and snack budget for their favorite theme park 
  • Taking them out to see a film you know they’ve been excited about
  • A day out at a sanctuary with an ‘adopt an animal’ gift voucher from you
  • An adventure day where you both go out and try something new

A Plant

Part of the minimalist aesthetic is plants, which form an essential part of the Swedish-minimalism decor ethos. Plants also clean the air, they are great for our mental health and they look stunning. Some of the best plants for the home are:

  • Monkey Monstera
  • Cacti
  • Ferns
  • Begonia
  • Herbs
  • String of hearts/ pearls/ turtles
  • Dragon tree

You can find out more about houseplants for your loved one in this Youtube video about minimalist plant styling. 

Something Eco-Conscious

At least 4 in 10 Americans believe climate change is a crisis, so the chances of anybody you know caring about the planet a little, are good. At the very least, most minimalists have some level of eco-awareness because the concept of minimalism relates to avoiding being wasteful. 

Here are some great ideas for an eco-friendly gift:

  • A compact kitchen composter
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Reusable straws/ cutlery
  • A gorgeous water bottle
  • Some attractive refillable containers 

Virtual Gifts

Some gifts are valuable, but require zero space in the home. Perfect for a minimalist right? A subscription to an audiobook application, a subscription to an online streaming service and similar gifts are a great idea. They pack a punch in their value, without taking up any physical space at all. 

Hopefully, our six gift ideas for the minimalist in your life have you feeling inspired. Try to think about gifts that take up no space as a priority. If something you buy does take up space, make sure it is consumable or disposable, or it has lots of value. In all likelihood, if you care enough to read an article about what to buy them, they’re going to love whatever you give. 


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