Get to Know More About Jaipur : The Vibrant City

Walking Tour Guide in Jaipur

Jaipur is the heart city of India’s heart, Rajasthan.  This city is famous as the ‘Pink City’. This city gives you an experience of lifetime as it is full of treasures. The treasures include monuments and the reflective culture. If you want to explore Jaipur, you do not need to have to book a travel agency. Jaipur has hidden beauties at every u-turn of its city. So, nothing will be better than a walking tour with a local guide or just a Google map.

Here are some places that you shouldn’t miss if you are in Jaipur, even if it is as short as for a day.

Juneja Art Gallery and Gem Palace

The main thoroughfare is the M.I road. Start from Panch Batti circle and old Raj Mandir cinema and you will find amazing beautiful places to explore n your way. Juneja art Gallery will be the first spot to visit. This place is full or contemporary artwork pieces which you might would like to take home as antics. The Gem palace is a mesmerizing place that has owned by an old family of Jewellers for eight generations. This magnificent place has an amazing interior decoration similar to Aladdin’s magic cave.

City Palace

This place is a little far from Hawa-Mahal. So, cabs in Jaipur will reach you to the place through Tripolia gate. You have to buy tickets for entrance to this Rajasthani-Mughal architecture. There are slabs of tickets depending on how much of it you want to explore. The most expensive is a visit to Chandra Mahal with a personal guide that costs around Rs. 2,500/- INR. There is a cafeteria inside the Palace. The double peacock gate is the main attraction of the palace.

The Gate of Old City and the Pink Walls

Walking along the M.I road will take you to the three main entrance gates to the old city of Jaipur on your left. The three gates, Ajmeri Gate, New gate and Sanganeri gate, are 500 meters apart from each other. Walk through the Ajmeri gate and turn right and you will reach the Bazaar (shopping) area of the city. First there is Nehru Bazaar between Ajmeri and New gate. This place is famous for women’s marketing. Then Bapu Bazaar is between the new gate and Sanganeri gate. This place has famous shops for foreigners. And then there comes the Johari Bazaar, the name coming from jewelleries.


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Johari Bazaar

It is a place of jewelleries in Jaipur. If you are t buy inexpensive costume jewelleries and bangles as well as gold and silver jewelleries, this place is ideal. 


The most famous landmark of Jaipur will fall on your way. Hawa-Mahal is a 1799 Rajput architecture made by Maharaja Sawaj Pratap Singh. This wind palace was for the women to watch over the streets as they could not come out in front of people. This is a five stored place with 953 windows of various shape. From the back of the palace you can go inside. There is a restaurant providing breathtaking view of it on the roof top as well.


This can be a pleasant end of Jaipur walking tour of the day. Jai Singh made this place in 1728, along with other four in 4 more different cities. This place at a glance might look like a collection of various structures. But each of them is astrological instrument calculating eclipses and other of the galaxy. Biggest is the sundial. It calculates time through sunlight.

As you walk through the M.I road, don’t get surprised to spot a camel or a peacock on the road.


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