4 Ways Text Messaging Can Boost Your Business!

4 Ways Text Messaging Can Boost Your Business

Making sales is quintessential and lifeblood for any business. But, it can daunt you if you find depreciation in your business’ sales growth.  

What should you do?

It is high time to use some smart and effective ways to boost your business instead of relying on traditional methods. Text message marketing is one of them!

It is one of the simplest, low-cost, yet effective ways to offer deals and discounts to customers, which in turn increases sales. 85% of the customers want to connect via text message over email or a phone call. Moreover, customers can easily check out advertising messages and redeem coupons over email.

So, how you can take benefits from business text messaging? Read this article till the end: 

Makes Your Marketing Strategy Much Better

95% of text messages, most of the business text messaging are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them.

It’s faster and easier to connect with your prospective customers than other methods of communication. Many prospects prefer to share their phone numbers instead of a residential or business number. Thus, when you receive a new lead, you can easily follow up with a text message. 

Further, you can also take follow up by suggesting a time to talk over the phone. A text message is also great for sending real-time promotions within seconds. These factors can surely make you move ahead of your competitors. 

Healthy Customer Relationships = More Sales!

Good relationships can lead to more sales! How to build healthy relationships with customers? It is through conversations! Text messaging is something that builds a strong connection, just like a friend.

Here is an example of what you can send to your customers:

  • Hi, saw you interested in having more info on X. Which time you are comfortable to talk over the phone?
  • This (article) is something I just saw, hope you would appreciate it.
  • Any suggestions for us?

Texts like these come easy to have friendly conversations and thus increase your sales. With time, conversations like this can make a world of difference in enhancing sales and business revenue.

The bottom line is to make customers happy so that they come back to you over and over.

Easily Send Offers, Discounts, and Promotions!

While having new leads, make sure you are also taking follow up with your past customers. Past customers who have had a great experience are more likely to buy from you.

For that, you must remain engaged with your past customers, which you can easily do by sending texts about fresh arrivals, offers, opportunities, and promotions. You can also send catchy keywords to increase your follower list. 

Keywords can make your customers feel more connected, for instance, text NEWINFO to (121)800-1900 to know more about new updates. This way, you can take follow up with your customers who texted you with this keyword.

You can use different keywords using the same phone number (or business number) to create better engagement through different topics.

Fantastic Online Reviews!

Business with online reviews gets more conversions than those without reviews. It is quite apparent that customers purchase after reading good online reviews. Most of the customers skip you if they find no or a bad review.

Further, good reviews can also help your brand to be found online. It is also one of the significant ways to get new leads and increase sales. How? Links in texts receive a 36% click-through rate and read instantly. Thus sending messages for reviews can go a long way. 

Now that you know how text messages can benefit your business, start incorporating today, and take your business to reach new levels!


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