Are You Doing It Right? How to Wear a Face Mask Correctly

Are You Doing It Right How to Wear a Face Mask Correctly

Wearing a mask may seem simple, but there’s a correct way to do it. Observing the following guide will help you stay safe and clean throughout these trying times. 

The first order of business is to always wash your hands before using a mask. Failure to do this negates mask efficacy and decreases your protection by contamination. 

Another standard procedure for wearing a mask is making sure the straps snuggly fasten around your ears. If your mask is in the correct position, you should be able to breathe easily. 

If you’re constantly fidgeting with your mask and asking how to wear a mask, read on to learn more. 

When and How to Wear a Mask 

You should wear a mask anytime you contact people who live outside of your immediate social group. Anytime you leave the house, you should wear a mask, and always wear your mask over your nose and mouth since failure to do so decreases the masks’ efficacy. 

Touching the cloth portion of the mask is ill-advised. You should only touch your mask’s straps, but if you do touch the cloth, wash your hands with soap or sanitizer immediately following contact.

Taking Off the Mask 

Proper mask removal is a simple process but following it is crucial to avoiding contamination. Take the straps off your ears without grabbing at the cloth on the mask. Fold the corners of the mask together and place it in the washing machine. 

Do not touch your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth while removing the face mask. 

Washing Your Mask 

It is okay to include your mask with your regular wash in the laundry, and masks don’t require special detergents.

Once the mask is in the washing machine, set it to your normal settings, but take care that you wash your mask with the warmest water possible. 

If you intend to handwash your mask, check to see if it needs bleach for complete sanitation. Using bleach within the 5.25%-8.25% range is the only way to clean your mask with bleach safely. 

Use unexpired bleach and make sure the mask has adequate ventilation while cleaning. 

Cleaning Your Mask With Bleach 

Cleaning your mask with bleach is a four-step process that doesn’t take long.

First, mix 1/3 cup of bleach per gallon of room temperature water. Submerge the mask in the bleach solution for five minutes, then drain the bleach solution and thoroughly rinse the mask until it is bleach-free.

Finally, let the mask dry before using it. 

Replacing Your Mask

Masks often break or become contaminated. Replace your mask as soon as possible if it breaks, and if your mask becomes contaminated, wash the mask using the directions mentioned above.

Breaking your mask isn’t the end of the world, but you must replace it soon. Most businesses don’t allow customers without masks. Luckily, it is easy to find online stores that sell them.

When buying masks, it is best to buy packages to always have clean masks on hand. Having a rotation of masks that you can wash at different times is ideal for backup purposes. 

Wear Your Face Mask Responsibly 

People may not think asking how to wear a face mask is important, but every little thing helps maintain safety standards for coronavirus.

Whether it’s an N95 mask for a healthcare worker or a plain old white kids mask you bought online, you need to keep them clean. Please don’t take it for granted. 

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