Wearing Statement Jewellery to Work: Follow Some of These Commandments

Your office wear needn’t be boring. You can wear statement jewellery to work and make right fashion notes without much fuss. A good selection of pieces can not only help enhance your look and features but may also make you appear uber-stylish at work. You don’t even have to try something that is attention grabbing as there are a whole lot of simple yet classy jewellery pieces that you can don and add a new feel to your office attire.

Here are some of tips to follow when you plan to wear statement jewellery at work –

1. Keep it less, keep it classy

When it comes to office dress, keeping it simple should be the way forward. There is no need to go overboard and make things look crowded. So, it’s always better to have a ring and one bracelet together but surely not two rings and two bracelets together. When you keep it simples, things easily look classy.

2. Be simple with your dress and jewellery

If you plan to wear big accessories, it’s then always better to have simple clothes so that too many patterns and bold jewellery don’t ruin the style. Your bold statement jewellery pieces would grab eyeball only when the dress is simple with low frills. When the dress is simple, you vibrant jewellery pieces will always find a space to stand out.

3. Try statement earrings to show your style

When you wear beautiful statement pieces, they will be easily the first thing people would notice when you get into the office. Their colour, shape, length will help boost the features of the face too. You can also try dangling earrings or large ones as the larger the better for creating a balance. And yes, keep wavy hair to make the jewellery effect even more on your attire.

4. Get the right balance between the necklace and neckline

There has to be a synch between the shape of your neckline and the design of your necklace. You can wear bold necklace on any type of dress be it V necked, off-shoulder or scoop necked tops. The only thing you got to notice is to avoid statement necklaces when you wear halter necks and collars. Once a right balance is struck, it becomes amazingly easy to flaunt your style to the world and win the attention and grab the eyeballs here it matters the most.

5. Don’t ignore your hands

When you plan to wear statement jewellery to work, make sure your hands, fingers and palms too are in right shape. Keep the finger manicured but avoid too much colours with selection of your nail polish. It’s always better to avoid shiny nail polish with statement rings and you would be better off by wearing just one piece at a time. So, never ignore your hands as they too will play a big role in making you look as stylish as you always wish.

6. Choose right statement pieces

There is no dearth of quality pieces if you plan to buy them as statement jewellery online is a reality. You can easily find pieces that will accentuate your entire look and make you appear as beautiful as you always wanted. You don’t even have to spend a lot to get quality pieces as a lot of shops sell good pieces which you can choose and make statement with your dress.

Clearly, wearing statement jewellery to work is something you can easily give a try as online shops are there to meet your needs through their big collection of jewellery pieces for every occasion you crave and cherish.


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