What to give at a wedding Ceremony to a Couple?

What to give at a wedding Ceremony to a Couple

When we receive an invitation to a wedding, in addition to the joy for the couple and the curiosity for the ceremony, we immediately think of one thing: the gift!

We all know the reason: it is never easy to make a wedding gift by meeting the tastes of both spouses unless of course there is a wedding list!

Wedding gift: what to choose and how to decide the figure

Choosing the right gift for the wedding of friends, relatives or acquaintances is never easy: very often, however, the spouses themselves meet the guests preparing a wedding (or travel) list. Certainly, there is no obligation to stick to this list and you can also decide to opt for another: let’s see the alternatives together!

Marriage with wedding list or travel list: how to behave?

If the married couple has prepared a wedding list or a list for the trip, deciding on the perfect gift will certainly be simpler: after all, they themselves have indicated what they prefer, you just have to choose. But what is the right amount?

Many feel embarrassed because the spouses will know the value of the gift received: in our opinion, this embarrassment is totally unjustified! The couple has invited you, they care about your participation and surely at least a minimum knows you: ban on hesitation then and decide the gift based on what your heart tells you and your wallet!

The positive aspect of the wedding list is that not waiting for the last minute, it is usually possible to choose between options of different types of price: be it a set for the kitchen, a coordinated set for the bathroom or an ornament for the entrance, you will certainly be able to make a good impression by also giving something to your taste.

What if there is no wedding list or do you want to choose directly?

In some cases we want or have to choose a gift independently: because we prefer not to draw on those left on the wedding list, because the spouses have decided not to do it or because maybe they are spouses who do not actually need something in particular. Otherwise, we can decide to give the couple a course, among the many available also online: cooking, sports, and adventurous experiences to do as a couple.

For the married couple whose home we already know, an alternative and original gift could be represented by a wall decoration, a witty sticker or directly a small picture, wedding flip flop crate perhaps handcrafted. For those who have a small budget, there are many gift ideas to choose from: here are our tips.


Lastly, even if it is not among our favorite gifts, we mention the notorious envelope: we left it last because we find it to be the last alternative to consider, perhaps for those who have not managed to make up in time!

If you find yourself delivering money directly to the spouses, do it with grace and discretion: perhaps with a wooden or tin box, available almost everywhere. In this way, your gesture will be appreciated and will also remain a small, but sweet, reminder of your participation.

The perfect wedding gift?

We hope we have been able to give you some good ideas to choose the best wedding gift for the married couple, and for you: we always remain of the opinion that the perfect gift is, however, your participation and your joy in the most important day for the couple! For more information, visit here.


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