4 Pro Tips for Creating Motion in Web Design!

4 Pro Tips for Creating Motion in Web Design!

Want to create a website that is engaging and active? If so, then incorporate motion effects in the web design!

Well, motion, animation or moment has always been the most powerful and effective ways to make any website stand out. Whether it’s the simple micro interactions or the full-screen video backgrounds, the motion graphics give a professional and cinematic feel to the web design.

Besides, they are short in length and also serve the purposes of having an animated background, scene transition and even a separate design element on the web page.

So, if you want to create motion in your website with elements like frames, composition, color, have a look at some of the following tips to include:


The Composition of an Image

One of the simplest ways for creating the motion is to capture a moving picture. Create clues of moving picture by using items that offer strong directional flow, objects that are directed to one part of the image and pointers that are pointing to one side of the image.

Also, don’t just rely on the pictures, as you can create motion by using arts, graphics and even simple shapes like get the clicks web design has used.  Further, things like color and shading also affect the look of the web design. While shading can show motion like wind in the photography, black and white images and colors contribute to the movement of the image.


Use Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is also called as moving text that is incorporated to give attitude and feeling to the web page. You might have seen kinetic typography on commercials and landing pages, the trick to use them in the overall design is by working on font size, color and movement of the design. For instance, a fashion designer website could have a moment of machines and designed to evoke emotions associated with fashion.


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Dramatic Editing

Sometimes even edits can help in creating motion in web design. Things like dramatic cropping, using unusual shapes, placing the subject of the image creatively and more can add flow to the design. Editing images can also help in focusing on important parts of the image. By putting out objects in a different way, the designer can control how the design should appeal and where the user should look next.


Animated Map Marker

Companies often use a map link on the web page to make the page live. So, ask your designers to create map markers to incorporate into the design. You can add effects like swooping the webpage, creating hover effects or animation, changing the color of the map and more. Bring them in your design to bring a motion to the webpage.

There are various ways you can use to bring a motion in the web design. If you want to design a website that is appealing and impressive, use the tips mentioned above. The use of motion and action is helpful in creating a link between the site and the customer. So, why waiting, add live effects on your website and attract customers.

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