5-Move Cardio Circuit To Up Your Heart Rate

5 Moves Cardio Circuit To Up Your Heart Rates

When it comes to doing cardio, there are certain types of exercises that people go to, like indoor cycling, the treadmill and the StairMaster. Of course, there’s no denying to the fact that these workouts are out-and-out the best to get your heart rate up as well as burn some calories. Nonetheless, they’re far from the only possible ways of getting your cardio done.

Now, when you’re on the move and have no access to the gym or simply don’t feel like stepping out of your house, you’ll certainly want to know few quick and easy methods (needless to say, without any equipment) to up the rate.

Well, to help you out with it, we’ve put together a circuit with some guidance of a personal trainer city of London. Believe us, it is the ideal workout session when you want to get your sweat on!

Cardio circuit to do at home

Before we get down to how to perform every exercise, take note of the directions and time limits that you ought to follow:

  • Side skater – 40 seconds on alternate sides with 20 seconds rest time
  • Jumping lunge – 40 seconds for each leg with a rest time of 20 seconds
  • Knee driver – overall workout for 40 seconds (20 seconds for each side) and rest for 20 seconds
  • Plank jack – 40 seconds for workout and 20 seconds for rest
  • Squat jack – 40 seconds exercise followed by a 20 seconds break

Make sure that you’re finishing the 5-circuit exercise with 20 seconds rest between each of them. Also, do the entire circuit at least 3 times, but do rest for 2 minutes between every circuit.

Side skater

When doing side skater, always bear in mind to begin in a small squat. Once you’ve taken the position, jump to your left and land on the left leg. After you land, get the right leg behind the left ankle, but ensure it doesn’t touch the floor. Similarly, do the same in the reverse direction; that is, jump to your right, land on the right leg and get your left leg behind the right ankle.

As mentioned before, make sure you’re doing these for 40 seconds on either side along with a 20 seconds rest in between.

Jumping lunges

To begin with jumping lunges, you need to firstly stand with your legs together and knees soft. Once you’re in the position, the next step is to jump and land in the lunge position with the left leg ahead. Now, push off with both your feet, jump them together and hop into lunge with the right leg forward.

Keep switching your legs for every jumping lunge and do the same for around about 40 seconds. And hey, do not forget to take rest for 20 seconds.

Knee driver

Bear in mind, for you to nail the knee driver exercise balance is of utmost importance, as you’ll be putting majority of your weight on leg. That said, to start with the exercise, stand straight with putting all your weight on the left leg along with your hands in front of your body.

Now, slowly bend the left knee and take the right leg behind; ensure you’re putting almost no weight on the right toe. Once in the position, bring the right knee toward your chest and see to it that it’s meeting your hands. Later, take your knee to the previous position and then down – this way, you finish your 1st rep.

Switch sides and repeat the same cycle with your left leg. Also, divide the entire exercise into 20 seconds for each side and don’t forget to rest in between for 20 seconds.

Plank jacks

For plank jacks, you must first get into a plank position with your hands shoulder apart, body in a straight line and feet together. Now, similar to jumping jacks, jump the legs wide and then back to the original position. You must jump as promptly as you wish to; although, ensure your pelvis steady and the booty isn’t raised towards the ceiling.

You must do this exercise at least for 40 seconds along with a 20 second rest in order to see real-time results.

Squat jacks

If you wish to amp up your squat game, then nothing’s better than adding powerful jumps to it whilst you lift yourself up. When at the top of your squat, jump off the ball of your foot and land gently on the floor after every rep.

Yet again, this exercise must be done for 40 seconds with a rest period of 20 seconds.

And with that we wrap up our list of 5-move cardio circuit. Follow the instruction mentioned above to the T and soon you’ll be able to see the results you’ve been wanting all along.


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