5 Time-Tracking Tools to Consider for Your Business Firm

5 Time-Tracking Tools to Consider for Your Business Firm

If you want to boost the productivity of your venture, you need to integrate technological applications into your business approach. You need to understand that maximizing time is key to the stability and long-term success of any enterprise. As of late, more and more companies are using tools to better monitor and evaluate the productivity of their firm based on the period spent in the workplace.

Putting a tracking service in place is not merely about heightened productivity. Although monitoring efficiency is a prime reason in instituting such software, the use of these tools will also reveal the insignificant parts of your employees’ responsibilities.

Within this context, it is as well essential if you take a closer glimpse at the following tools to eliminate the non-essentials. At some point, you may need to further enhance the functions of your people in order to consistently complete objectives within a considerable period of time.


This tracking software has surfaced back in 2008 in the United States. What makes it an impactful tool is the fact that it veers away from the conventional approach of handling employees. One thing that exemplifies this medium is it sets specific goals for the users. Details can be add to bring more clarity to corresponding presentation reports.

What makes RescueTime stand out is the elimination of distractions at work. It blocks websites in order to allow your employees to focus on their assignments on hand. In addition, essential accomplishments are highlight daily to motivate people for their exemplary activities.

Interestingly, an attribute of this software present a self-improvement scheme. Complete assignments are not only presented. Activity ratings are also highlight. This means that your people will have to contend with their performance ratings based on their suppose accomplishments. Along this slant, work enhancements or improvement methods will be introduced to boost productivity.


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The next monitoring service has been introduce in 2012. In addition to its American post, the TrackingTime firm also has stations in Germany and Argentina. Perhaps one major element that this software provides to its patrons is its capability to synchronize target deadlines with corresponding activities.

More than that, the tool is adaptive to various platforms. It is supported by major email firms like Gmail and Outlook. Time entries are readily transfer into such accounts. Another feature that allows users to save time is the software’s capability to be edited in batches instead of being manually adjust.

Aside from monitoring the working stretches of people, you will get an advance glimpse of all activities which your team will be tackling during the incoming weeks. A sense of emphasis is also being driven at this point considering that a tab only reveals the task on hand to avoid interruptions.



One of the more popular tracking programs has come out in 2009 as a small-scale venture. The implementation of TimeCamp comes at a time when B2B companies are looking for a tool that best suits their trade processes. Due to its sturdy line of assimilation, it has provided tech groups like Dropbox, OneDrive, Github, Slack, Instagram, Evernote and Pinterest a steady of time monitoring approach.

A particular feature that makes the software engaging is its in-depth processing of business operations. In addition to the availability of various report templates, TimeCamp also introduces users to income calculation. Depending on their functions or jobs descriptions, employees are designate with figures which conform to their salaries.

Firms are also introduce to invoicing methods. With this program, employers are able to monitor the monetary equivalent of their employees’ working hours. This means that both billable and non-billable attributes are closely and correctly evaluated automatically.



Back in 2016, SNO Ventures and 500 Startups may have a huge reason why investing in this tracking software will prove to be profitable. By maximizing time to its fullest, the company has tapped into the digital world of technology.

True to its word, the usual time entry method in tracking tools has been upgrade. Basically, the copy-and-paste approach has come in handy as a way of replacing the conventional process of jotting down work details.

Through the Artificial Intelligence-initiate memory tracker, restarting the countdown on the job has been upgrade. The only thing that your employees need to tackle on is their duties and responsibilities. The timesheet gets fill up automatically as you get to work. You can even link up the essential elements of your meetings to your main time frame.

Moreover, the inclusion of a scheduler will definitely be beneficial to your end considering that you are able to determine how to balance both the tasks and the resources of your team on a single sheet. Base on this segment, workload distribution can be easily define.



The versatile platform approach is what makes TimeDoctor an appealing tool for tracking down working hours. This software is flexible enough to adapt to desktop, mobile or web applications. With over 23 countries using this service, team diversity has been paramount to the efforts of remote teams across the globe.

The automatic time-tracking feature of TimeDoctor is rather exceptional considering its thorough monitoring approach. Activity detection is a huge part of this employee monitoring software wherein your people’s working hours are only accumulated based on keyboard actions.

The process of reporting is also encompassing. You are able to track down even the basic particulars involved in your employee’s work. You will know what websites or applications are being utilize in completing their given assignments. In a sense, how they perform on the job will allow you to outline the necessary adjustments in improving their approaches.

With TimeDoctor, you will gain the statistics which unveils the state of your firm’s productivity. Necessary adjustments can be utilize base on the accumulated figures that largely reflect each individual’s efficiency.

A more enhancing element that supports the monitoring process for this service is the use of screen shots. Random acquisition of images in the workplace is important since it gives you firsthand evidence on whether your people are actually doing their jobs or not.


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