Is that true AI and ML Certifications paying a good fortune for the certificate holders? Yes, that’s true. And how?

The AI and MI certifications are considered to be some of the top-paying certifications present in the IT industry. With these certifications, you can easily boost up your skills and knowledge. If you are interested in obtaining a bright future with stable jobs, these certifications might be some of the best choices for you. 

AI Certification

There has been a drastic increase in the careers available in the artificial intelligence field. The job posts available for this job has now grown incredibly since the past few years. In addition, if one possesses artificial intelligence certification, then it is possible to get a higher income than uncertified individuals. 

Few of the careers that you can opt for after taking the artificial intelligence along with their salary are given below:

Machine Learning Engineer 

It is one of the most popular career options that are present after obtaining the AI certification. They receive a salary of $114, 856. They are normally in charge of managing, controlling, and creating platforms for machine learning projects. 

This job position is best suitable for an individual with previous experience with data science and research. In addition, one should also be an AI programmer and have proficiency in various types of programming languages. 

If you want to pursue a career as a machine learning engineer, you must have some experience with agile methodology and expertise in tills like IntelliJ and Eclipse. 

There are numerous industries that prefer candidates for this job position that has a master’s degree in computer science or maths. 

  • Data Scientist

The responsibilities of a data scientist are to analyze, interpret, and collect huge, complex/difficult datasets by the method of predictive analysis along with machine learning. They are also in charge of improving the algorithms that allow the cleaning and assortment of data for analysis. The annual income of a data scientist is around $120,931. 

As a data scientist, you need to have proficiency in numerous programming languages and computing languages. There are several industries that normally prefer candidates having a master’s degree in computer science for this position. It is also crucial to have a deeper understanding of the tools like Hadoop platform and amazon’s S3. 

  • Big Data Engineer

It is considered to be one of the best job roles present in the field of artificial intelligence. Besides, they have an average salary of $151, 307. They are in charge of developing or improving the ecosystem that allows the systems of any business to communicate or connect with each other effectively and collect data. 

Several industries prefer individuals with a PhD in computer science, mathematics, or any related degree with the field. They are normally responsible for developing, planning, and designing the environment of big data on Spark and Hadoop systems. 

Machine Learning

Similarly, you can also get many profitable career options after obtaining the machine learning certifications. Few of these career options, along with their salary, are given below:

  • NLP Scientist

The role of an NLP scientist is to add the abilities that enable the machines to thoroughly understand the languages of a human. They are entirely in charge of developing and designing the machines along with applications that can understand human speech. In addition, these machines normally have the ability to translate languages as well. The latest examples of these are Grammarly and Duolingo.

The salary of an NLP scientist is around $102,307. They must understand the grammar of one or more languages. In addition, it is required for them to have basic skills in ML. 

  • Software Developer

It is another famous career path available after obtaining the ML certification. They receive a salary of $110,723 every year. They are mostly in charge of building smart computer programs or software. Also, they develop the algorithms along with the applications of ML.

They are in charge of installing, designing, and developing software solutions for AL and Ml. They also prepare the documentation of products, layouts, diagrams, flowcharts, and so on. Also, they maintain and manage systems, write codes, etc. 

  • Human-Centred Machine Learning Designer

It is mostly aimed towards designing the algorithm centred around humans. They are in charge of building a smart system that is able to understand the behaviour and preferences of a human being through pattern recognition and the processing of information. They have a salary of $116, 668 per year. 


Therefore, ML and AI certifications are known to be very beneficial for building your career. It offers not only higher income but also a better career prospect and a chance to develop your career. 


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