How Can You Leverage Google ADX to Promote Your Brand

Google Adx or Google Ad Exchange, was formerly known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange. It is a programmatic advertising platform that allows ad networks, including AdSense, agencies, and demand-side platforms, to bid on ad spaces. The bidding is done on a real-time basis and the exchange aids in increasing the reach of the digital marketing efforts. 

The publishers get access to a large amount of inventory, and they can connect with buyers from Google Ads and other marketplaces. They can sell the inventory directly and have better control over their ad space. 

Google Adx is a beneficial tool for running a quality campaign and for promoting your brand as explained below: 

Tracking On Real-Time Basis Along With Maintenance of Transparency

While executing a campaign with publishers, you usually receive a report after the campaign is completed. The report gives details about cost and the number of impressions that were published during the run time. The advertiser accepts the statistics in good faith as there is no way of cross-verifying the figures. 

The perusal of the report may give rise to instances of discontentment. For instance, you might have wanted the advertisement to be delivered during the time slot of 11:00 am to 1:00 pm; however, you may subsequently realize that the impressions were delivered majorly in another time slot. Similarly, there may be a disconnection between the expected and the actual placement of ads or the device-type where the ads were to be delivered. 

The Google Ad Exchange offers a Floodlight tracking mechanism, which allows you to monitor the numbers closely. The tool aids in understanding how the campaign is being executed, and you may get in touch with the publisher and share your feedback on a timely basis. 

The Availability of Additional Filters for an Accurate Targeting

Working with the publishers in the past, you might have realized that they typically sell the inventory based on a city or a country. However, when your product offering is for a particular consumer type targeting the entire city may not yield the desired returns. This requires the need for additional filtering. 

The Ad Exchange has additional filters that can be applied for targeting specific customers like a particular age group, gender, or location. For instance, if you operate in the educational segment, you may want to target the candidates with some years of work experience and those desirous of pursuing further studies. 

By applying the relevant filters, you can sort out those profiles which do not match your target criteria. This makes marketing efforts more focused and concentrated. 

The Re-marketing Gimmicks

You may want to reach out again to those who have already viewed your advertisement. Retargeting and consumer engagement is a powerful marketing tool. It serves as a reminder or a follow up to those consumers who visited the website but exited without making any purchases. 

Keeping them aware of your brand increases the possibility of revisiting your site and considering a purchase this time. You can carry out an effective retargeting campaign with the support of the Ad Exchange. 

 Hence, Google Adx supports promoting your brand to the right set of audiences and aids in executing detailed and convenient ad campaigns.   


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