Alternatives In Fashion 2018: Creating Your Own Style

It happens very often that new fashion trends seem too extraordinary to test. And we’d like to show how the key ideas presented during the weeks of high fashion can be applied in practice. Let’s scan the range of the clothing shop Cattifly to be more concrete.

Fall-winter 2019 mean we need to wear read. As many red clothes as possible. What do we see on the catalogue of Cattifly? Right, red skirts, red dresses, red vests. You just need to choose what items are more appropriate for your wardrobe. May be, you’ll opt for a Mincio dress, Volpiano cardigar or a sun Nola skirt. It can be just one red accent or several of them at the same time. Don’t be afraid of having too many red details in your outfits in 2018.

What’s more? The fashion experts recommend to concentrate on business-on-walk clothes this year. Is Cattifly ready to offer anything of the kind? Pretty formal and at the same time very sexy silhouettes of the Abriola dress and Novara shirt are a descent answer to the question. This year women are authorized to be strong and super attractive. No compromise is offered.

Sheer clothes are also called the favorites of 2018. In case you look through the catalogue of Cattifly, you’ll find the wonderful Airole dress and Reano blouse complying with the trend. Like other sheer clothes the models appear both graceful and romantic. However, some people call sheer dresses and blouses too tempting. Is it bad? Beautiful women should enjoy their natural beauty and be able to make advantages of it.


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To continue with, let’s pay attention to comfort. The cozier clothes are, the more fashionable they appear in 2018. That’s why Cattifly presents the models like the Pavia tunic, Baone and Venetico dresses. The stretching materials of the items as well as their comfy cuts guarantee freedom of movement. Look at the design of the products. There are no tight-fitting elements or impractical inserts there. Just a balanced fit and breathing fabrics instead.

Any other interesting suggestions on fashion 2018? Oh, sure. Ruffles. In case we look through the catalogue of Cattifly, we’ll soon find several products of the kind. This year you’ll look gorgeous in the buttoned Novara shirt, vintage Olivadi dress and wide-shoulder Gaiola blouse.

If you are looking for women’s apparels satisfying the latest trend for asymmetry – Cattifly has a few amazing items to offer as well. Concentrate on the Badesi poncho, Sennori blouse (the model is also great for mommies-to-be), Cosia dress and Alezio top. Remember asymmetry is good at hiding various disadvantages of the figure. Especially when you need to make your waist look slimmer and your legs longer.

Folk motives? Here you are. Cattifly has such superb goods as the Alliste or Rovello dress and the Volpiano cardigan to make you happy. Products with such patterns are enormously popular in 2018. So choose one of the models and you’ll definitely comply with the laws set by the international fashion houses.

To conclude with you don’t need to buy extremely expensive or really extravagant clothes to look fashionable. As you could see from the range of Cattifly, trendy women’s apparels don’t cost a fortune.

Your style should remain your own creation despite the trends modern fashion implies. In case you feel uncomfortable while wearing red when it’s called number one color of the season: use imagination. You can always choose more modest shades of the same palette and remain trendy this way.

If you hate wearing denim clothes no one can make you do it. Not a single fashion guru in the world. Feel free to say no to the trends you disagree with. The more critical your attitude to fashion is, the more stylish and unique your wardrobe becomes. Do you remember the catalogue of Cattifly? The are no screaming or questionable outfits there. Everything looks trendy, but still within the beauty concept of the shop.

Are you still afraid of fashion novelties? They look more appropriate when having real examples, not only the ones from the high fashion weeks. Otherwise is can be the ideas you don’t have to follow or you can prefer a bit later. When you are ready for them.


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