How cloud technology has changed the customer experience?

How cloud technology has changed the customer experience

Technology has changed the lifestyle of everyone with smart gadgets and innovative software. Innovations have brought a reliable customer experience to the companies and the companies have been now offering 100% satisfactory services to the customers. Service-oriented companies have acquired Field Service Management Software. KloudGin offers innovative cloud-based FSM Software for all types of enterprises, and with the latest technologies in the software, overall customer experiences have been increasing day by day.

If we talk about the innovations, Cloud computing has changed the way of dealing with their customers. In fact, Customers also liked how cloud-based services are offering great experiences to them. Let’s see how cloud technology has improved customer experiences.

According to a recent study, by 2020, over 60% of companies will be using cloud-based services for the communications with their customers. This data is continually improving as more and more companies have started adopting this technology in many ways.

Cloud Computing offers plenty of tools for improving customer experiences and how companies communicate with them. It also plays an essential role in the growth of the companies. To improve the productivity, this technology is helping the field workers and technicians in many ways.

1) Easy access to the products and services

Gone are the days when customers have to contact the companies during the specific period. With Cloud-based services and websites, customers can access on-demand products and services of the companies. Through auto chat-bots, they can also ask questions and get answers to their queries in real time. Cloud technology lets customers access the products and services from anytime and anywhere. Field Service Management has seen constant growth with Cloud-based services.

2) Comprehensive Services with easy integration

This technology offers ease of contacting the company and getting the details of the products and their services. Companies can manage their services effectively for the customers and eventually, with better management of the services, customers would be satisfied.

3) Easy access to Customers’ Details

Cloud Technology stores data of the customers such as name, address, contact details, email address, etc. Since companies have all the details of their customers, they could send new offers and various tips for their products and services efficiently to the customers. This way, customers of their products or the ones who are looking for such products, could get everything on their laptop’s screen.

Cloud-based software stores the data of the customers to provide efficient services to their customers. It also helps the companies to enhance their productivity and growth.


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4) Enhanced trust between the company and customer

With a Cloud-based system, customers and companies can stay engaged with each other which improves trust. If a company build the proper confidence of their customers. They will stick to the same company for a long time.

Today, competition has increased in all the industries. And if a company is not trustworthy enough, customers would instantly switch to another one. Cloud Technology is very essential to build up trust.

Companies can respond promptly to the customers and this way, customers too would get a reliable services on-time.

6) Full Customer Control

Customers have full control to contact and interact with the company to know about their services and products at any time. This technology helps the companies to build a better environment for their customers from where customers can quickly get the required details and services in real time.

Companies can put all the data and information about their products and services on their websites. With the help of cloud which can be easily accessible by the customers. So if you are in need of any services, you can fetch the details and all the information quickly.

This way, Companies can offer personalized experiences to the customers as they like. Customers would also appreciate such on-time services which eventually improves the overall growth and productivity.

7) Helping customers reach you, whatever way they want

Today’s customers want to get in touch with you however they want. And, they want answers fast. New devices and channels helps them to connect with you including social media platforms and smartphones, and many businesses are left struggling to integrate the changing landscape within their infrastructure.

Apart from this, the Cloud also improves the working functionality of the companies. Companies can generate quick invoices, send appropriate emails to the customers, provide pricing list, etc.

Cloud technology has been adopting by more companies as software developers have started integrating. This technology into their latest software as they offer excellent services to everyone with easy access to the data from remote locations. It is very essential, and as mentioned above, over 60% of businesses would be using Cloud-based software by 2020.


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