Shopping 101: 5 Amazing Tips to Help You Find the Best Price

From grandmas to college kids, money-saving unites everyone. It’s always much nicer to spend less when you find the best price for something. 

But how do you start bargain shopping? Not everyone is born made to be on TLC’s Extreme Couponing

That’s where this handy guide comes into play. Here are the top 5 shopping tips that will help you save money and still have anything you could ever need.

So let’s get started!

  1. Couponing 

The first tip seems a bit obvious, but couponing really can make a difference. It’s also an easy and stress-relieving task that you can incorporate into your weekly routine. 

Sure, maybe it’s not the “coolest” hobby, but there’s nothing wrong with watching your favorite show while cutting out some coupons. However, if you don’t want to make it into a TV show, put together some strategy for couponing. 

Make sure to cut out only what you know you’ll use so you don’t become a hoarder!

  1. Pick-Up In Store

Another helpful shopping tip is to pick up items in the store when you can. Shipping does cost a lot and sometimes it can damage your items, anyway. 

Shopping online and then picking up items in the store will save you cash on shipping plus open you up to more online deals at the same time.

  1. Price Comparisons 

Price comparison apps and websites can help you never pay retail again. These tools help you narrow down what the best price is for any given item. 

You can take that lowest price to the store you’d like to buy from and see if you can get a better deal on it from them. While not every store participates in competitor price comparisons, it never hurts to try!

  1. Join E-mail Lists

If you can withstand a full inbox, another nifty money-saving trick is to join email lists. Not only do you normally get 10%-20% off your first purchase, but you’ll also get emails with future sale notifications. 

It never hurts to sign up! Plus, if you have an inbox organizer, you can separate those emails from your primary account so you don’t get overwhelmed with notifications. 

  1. Leave Things in Your Cart

Finally, the last bargain shopping tip is to leave things in your cart. You might be scratching your head, but this can actually save you some cash! 

You’ll have to make sure it isn’t something you need right away, but leaving items in your shopping cart online can cause the site to email you with a free shipping code or 10% off sometimes to get you to buy it. It’s just a test in patience and willpower.

Always Find the Best Price!

Now you’ve got 5 easy tips to keep in your back pocket to help you find the best price in any kind of shopping scenario. Here’s to saving your money and still living easy!

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