What Stores Have The Best Clearance

Tips to help you take advantage of clearance sales

The end of summer presents lots of opportunities for shopping sales. Many e-commerce retail stores run their end-of-season sales at this time, others kick-start their back-to-school discount sales while more organise flash sales to get rid of products ahead of the coming season.

The best stores always have new stock coming in most times and items that aren’t selling fast enough are placed on clearance sale just to get them off the counter and create space for new orders. When this happens, it’s time for you to make a killing!

If you play your cards right between seasonal sales and the regular sales cycle, you will never have to pay full price for clothing or accessories unless the item sells out before you can make your move.

Here are some stores with deals listed on Catalogues 24/7

  1. Perfect Home – Chairs, freezers, and tumble dryers are among the range of products on clearance sales at present.
  2. Jacamo – Currently at the time of this article, Jacamo have an outlet section with up to 40% off a range of fashion items for men and women, as well as accessories such as watches.
  3. La Redoute – This brand really shines on the discounts and they have a hefty clearance going on for all the family. Products on big discounts also include shoes, lingerie and homeware.
  4. JDWilliams – This popular brand for fashion boasts a huge clearance section. What do you want to buy? Chances are, it is listed.
  5. Very – On the clearance page, Very sports an attractive selection of items. Their designer brands and baby products are of particular interest when a clearance sale starts.
  6. Littlewoods – The littlewoods clearance page is in abundance with products for all with discounts around 20-30% of the original price. This is worth a peek as top brands are on the clearance products page in fashion like Topman, BOSS and Armani.

Tips to help you take advantage of clearance sales

Ask Questions

If you find an item of clothing you want but not in the size you want it, do not just exit with nothing; ask the retail assistant if he/she could help you find another store that has the stock in the size you desire.

If you find what you like but not in the size or colour you desire, ask questions to discover how the store can help you. Most times, the salesperson would love to keep the sale in-house which means they would do their best to ensure you are satisfied. Although clearance sales have limitations, most stores retain inventory elsewhere and if you want that deal to happen, you can always ask.

End of Season Shopping

The best time to get the best value for your money is the end of the season. Although they are often clearing shop for a new season, you should know that most stores are a month “ahead of the weather” and you still have a month to rock that clearance purchase before spring rolls into town.

You can find some fine deals on summer wears if you shop in September while winter fashion can be bought for next to nothing in February.

Find Out the Return Policy

Clearance purchases are so great that sometimes you are blind to the fine print. Always read carefully to know what the return policy is, otherwise, what is the use of buying a bargain £5 shirt when it can’t be returned even if it doesn’t fit?

Oftentimes, sales are final for all clearance jewellery but most stores still offer store credit instead of a full refund for returned clearance clothing. Returns are discouraged because what most stores want is to create space for new items. Even those that offer a return on clearance sales make it very short, usually 14 days. You should always read up a store’s clearance sale policy before making your decision.


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