Top 9 Android Cleaner Apps to Clear RAM and Cache

Android Cleaner Apps to Clear RAM and Cache

Know here the list of  best Android Cleaner Apps to Clear RAM and Cache

Is your Android smartphone taking too much time to run any application? Is your Android device is slow and hanging?

If the answer is yes, to improve results, you should try these best Android cleaner apps. After some days, weeks, or months of use, every system develops a slow output.

Since the smartphone you’re using has been wholly clogged with unwanted file cache and junk files, you’ll need to perform routine Android device maintenance.

If you want to get the answer regarding how to get rid of and clean RAM, cache, and junk files. For this, you have to install a cleaner application.

Several Android Cleaner Apps Development companies have already launched their cleaning applications. You can directly install this from Google’s Play Store. These cleaning applications tune your device and boost the performance of your device by deleting unwanted files.

These applications also clean your phone RAM by eliminating the task and apps running in the background. It will instantly boost your device’s entire performance.

Cleaner applications for Android do an excellent job of locating and deleting unnecessary data. However, because newer versions of Android take care of this, using them for RAM cleaning is no longer necessary.

Take a look at this list of the best cleaner applications for Android in 2022 if you’re using a budget phone or an older phone whose performance is slow.

Ccleaner (Top Overall Android Clean Up Application)

It is the most well-known and most using application among other applications. That is available for both Android and Windows platforms.

It uses for cleaning your mobile RAM and storage by eliminating the task and background. It is also the best storage evaluator application for Android.

This application will enable you to delete browser history application cache, clipboard content call logs, and so on. You can also uninstall unwanted apps from your device with this app and free up space.

You can now customize your Android device with just a few taps, thanks to CC Cleaner’s quick and easy-to-use interface. Check out some of CC Cleaner’s other features:

  • Manager of applications.
  • Monitor the system.
  • Storage cleaner and storage analyzer
  • Improve Android’s battery life by tweaking it.
  • CC Cleaner is consistently ranked first among the Best Android Cleaner Apps.

Super Clean

Super Clean – Master Cleaner & Antivirus is an effective cleaner for Android devices in 2020 with innovative features.

This software has an antivirus feature that can assist you in removing viruses from Android phones, laptops, and other devices.

As per statistics, over 1 billion people use SuperClean. You can also get this as it is also available in a lite and antivirus version.


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Super Clean Free Antivirus

A clean master’s free antivirus feature allows you to search the entire system for viruses and remove them. It will keep your computer safe and secure by blocking malicious apps and files.

This antivirus database will be updated regularly to combat online threats and viruses; it is the best and most free antivirus tool for Android.

More features can be found here:

  • Clean up storage by removing residual junk and file cache.
  • Scan and remove viruses from the device.
  • Increase the device performance by clean the RAM storage.
  • No spam notices, you can handle from the notification center.
  • Battery saving runs your device long for usage.

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is one of the most common and lightweight Android cleaner applications. Although the User Interface can appear to be a little outdated.

However, it has done a great job of cleaning up Android on most smartphones. If you don’t like the light theme, you can turn it into dark anytime, as the app also comes with a dark theme option.

Android applications have a dashboard on the face describing the RAM and the free space left. You can delete the background tasks with a single click when you are cleaning your Android phone.

On the other side, you are allowed to set your application on auto-clean mode.

The best part of this application you can look at the applications that maybe offer sensitive permissions. And also, this is as-free.

In the end, the Droid Optimizer comes under the best cleaning applications for Android. That you can try in 2021.

The most useful and valuable feature is you can plan cleanup at a specific time. And it has many other features like:

  • Delete your browser’s history.
  • Clean cache and RAM to improve system efficiency.
  • Application Manager allows you to control all of your installed applications in one location.
  • To free up device storage, locate large files and uninstall them quickly.
  • By destroying unnecessary background running apps, you can save battery life.
  • Identify spy apps and manage system permissions.

Ace Cleaner

Ace Cleaner is a basic but powerful Android cleaner application that can provide you with a new level of phone optimization.

The Ace Cleaner can improve and optimize your phone’s output with features like Ace Clean, Ace Boost, Quiet Notification, Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler.

This application has an interesting feature that is known as the duplicate photo cleaner option. This option helps you in finding the identical and same photos in your gallery and offers you an option to delete these similar photos.

So, you can retain your most favorite photos and delete the remaining to clean up some extra space in your phone, with several features and an innate user interface. We can easily say that Ace cleaner is the top Android cleaner.


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Avast Cleanup

Avast cleaner application is the top and highly efficient and effective available Android cleaning application, among others.

That enables you to clean junk files, cache, RAM, and other unwanted files that taking space in your phone.

On the other side, its built-in feature app manager aids you in eliminating the unwanted applications that are installed on your phone.

Avast comes in two different models. One is free (with fewer features), and the second is the premier model. For the premier model, you have to pay fees (or you can say money) to access some additional features of Avast.

Some main features are listed below.

  • Junk Cleaner, Application Manager, and Storage Booster are all valuable tools.
  • A device manager with a screen for the system (one place to handles the device performance).
  • App hibernation saves battery life by preventing applications from running in the background.
  • Cloud storage will help you free up more room (OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox).

Norton Clean

Norton Clean is developed by the world’s largest cybersecurity company Symantec. Now you can use Norton Clean app to delete residual junk files, cache files and remove unwanted apps to speed up Android devices.

Many of us hear about Symantec, the world’s largest cybersecurity company. Norton Clean is the product of this largest company, so that you can imagine Norton Clean application’s performance. With Norton’s help, one can delete residual junk files cache, and it also deletes the unwanted applications to boost up your Android device performance.

This app will assist you in freeing up space and improve the efficiency of your device. Here are some of the additional features of Norton Clean:

  • Junk Cleaner and Residual Cache Cleaner. (Norton helps you to clean up your computer and Android device).
  • Identifies and removes the stored APK file.
  • Optimizer for storage and RAM.
  • Unwanted bloatware can be removed with the help of the application manager.

Avg Cleaner

In the list of best and top Android cleaners, AVG Cleaner comes under it. You must try it once. AVG is not only a cleaner. It also functions as a file manager; it will help you to boost your memory. On the other side, AVG is best in image analysis. It allows you to delete duplicate and bad-quality photos.

Depending on your use, the cleaner app analyses the applications that are draining your battery and asks you to either stop or delete them. You can quickly destroy background applications inside the app for improving system efficiency. Apart from that, the cleaner software has battery-saving features.

The app analytics are the best part, as they give you a quick overview of how the app is draining your battery and your usage statistics. Ads may be a little distracting, but it’s a great phone cleaner app overall.

AVG Cleaner has the following special features:

  • Programmed cleaning settings • File manager with storing analyzer • App hibernation option.

All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

As the name indicates, All-In-One Toolbox is a multi-purpose Android cleaner app that can do a lot more than just clean up junk files and cache.

More than 30 tools are included in the application to help you get the most out of your smartphone. It comes with a system application uninstaller that works even if you don’t have root access.

In this application, there is a feature name as boot speedup that allows you to choose which apps you want to start when your restart your device (it also includes system applications).

The application manager offers you an option for batch uninstalling and installing applications. On the other side, it also helps in moving the files from phone storage to removable storage.

The objective of the All-In-One toolbox is to provide the customer a faster, cleaner UI. And we can say it is easily the top free Android cleaner.

It increases the Android’s speed and enhances your device’s high-performance gaming. As the application name indicates, this application performs all the tasks and functions with a single click.

  • Simple to use (eliminate cache and junk files without difficulty)
  • A user-friendly style and a basic UI.
  • It offers a deep clean by forcing the shutdown of running applications.
  • Close any unnecessary apps that are running in the background to free up RAM.


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