6 Reasons Why You Should Install a Phone Cleaner App

If you are drooling over the impressive performance of your brand new Android phone, hold on to that thought. Because it won’t be for long!

Your phone will start to slow down, run down its battery faster than normal or there might be traces of abrupt freezes if you do not start maintaining it right away.

You will be tempted to install a lot of apps on your Android phone (which is just not the right approach). Then again, running multiple apps at the same time can cause your device to slow down. Other problems include slower CPU processing, slow speed, quick battery drainage and the likes.

You’ll get frustrated at one point!

Fortunately, we have a precaution. You need an app that can ensure optimal speed at regular intervals and improve your phone’s performance. What better than the most recommended app on the Google Play Store, ITL Phone Cleaner?

Best Android Cleaner App – ITL Phone Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner is a one-tap cleaning app for your Android phone. It can help you erase all data, free up storage space and effectively speed up your device.

ITL Phone Cleaner offers excellent junk cleaner and phone booster tool that goes beyond cleaning junk file and cached data. The phone cleaner app also offers a game booster that speeds up load times of games quite naturally.

If your CPU overheats, the app allows the processor to cool down. There is also an antivirus that keeps your device safe from malware and other infections. And yes! The app is free to download.

Not convinced yet? Well, here are some reasons why you should have this app downloaded on your phone.

Reasons to install ITL Phone Cleaner

1. Erase unnecessary data and frees up valuable storage space

Tired of low space issues? Well, you are in the right place. Every application installed on your phone builds up cached files and leave residual folders behind. ITL Phone Cleaner finds out and  and cleans cache files instantly and useless data clogging up your disk space. It also suggests applications you hardly use and offers the option to uninstall them.

There are other advanced cleaning functions like the duplicate photos cleaner that dives deeper into the phone’s storage and find out duplicate images that can be deleted to free up storage. The social cleaner feature helps you clear unwanted sent and received files on social media.

2. Manage all the apps installed on your Android phone with ITL Phone Cleaner

This phone cleaner helps you manage apps on your phone with its (proven effective) Android management tool. It shows you complete detail about each app and enables you to find out which apps you frequently use and unused apps.

When you find those apps you never use, it gives you the option to uninstall them and clear app caches for more space. You can also keep a backup of apks so that future installation becomes easier. This feature is really useful and works like a charm. Worth the try.

3. With extended battery life, you get better performance out of your phone

Whenever apps run in the background, it ends up consuming a lot of RAM. This results in using up a lot of battery life than required. ITL Phone Cleaner provides precaution by closing applications that you are not using at the moment.

It lets you choose between a Default and Battery Saver mode. Major parameters like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, timeout, auto sync, vibration, and brightness are turned on in the default mode and are turned off in the Battery Saver mode. You can extend your battery life according to your will.

4. Boost up your device and maximize your phone’s performance

ITL Phone Cleaner offers an incredible one-tap boost option that can accelerate your phone’s speed with just a single tap. It is 50% more efficient than other available boosters. It terminates auto-starting apps running in the background, increasing performance in the process.

You get instant acceleration for better functioning. It also speeds up your CPU performance and so thus your gaming speed by placing it on priority. This module is intuitive and easy-to-use. The extra memory released offers better performance durability.

5. Keep your device virus-free with ITL Phone Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner offers an antivirus program too. The module is certainly light on resources (saving more battery life). It includes an antivirus database and a scanner that detects viruses, malware and other infections in real-time. It runs a deep scan of all the apps installed on your device and notifies if any infection is found.

There is also a feature where you can whitelist apps that you know are safe to reduce the scanning time. The app makes sure that your device is safe anywhere, anytime.

6. Enjoy simple UI without compromising on functionality

ITL Phone Cleaner offers an impressive UI. It is very simple yet powerful. The Android cleaner makes navigation easier and accessing features, faster. You do not need technical knowledge to use this app. The fonts are quite large making it clearer for everyone to read. Plus it is lightweight compared to other competitors.

Downloading and running the app on your device is also quite easier. The home screen offers six basic modules: Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, Battery Saver, Duplicate Photos Cleaner, Social Media Cleaner, and Antivirus. Tap on each of the modules to unleash its full functionalities.


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Never underestimate the advantages you can enjoy from keeping your Android phone digitally organized. All you need to do is to find out the best phone cleaner that lives up to your expectations.

Remember, the fact that not all Android cleaners are useless. ITL Phone Cleaner is your one-stop app that can wonderfully improve your phone performance. With 4.6-star user rating, this cleaner and phone booster speaks out for itself.

It offers various tools to keep your Android running fast and without lags. ITL Phone Cleaner is free! So try it out and find out the difference in speed and performance for yourself.


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