AR Games Are Encouraging Social Distancing

AR Games Are Encouraging Social Distancing

Once the novel COVID-19 virus began to spread, government-issued lockdowns ensued, and stay-at-home measures were commonplace in most countries. Social distancing became the word of 2020, as everyone got encouraged to avoid public gatherings and not leave home unless necessary.

Augmented reality titles have managed to quickly get a foothold on the market due to their unique ability to blend gaming fun and player surroundings, something never before possible. They blur the lines between fiction and reality, making gamers question if what they see on their phone screen is computer generated or real. Naturally, such titles require real-world exploration, and in the situation that the events of 2020 have put us in, that is almost impossible. However, do not fret, as game developers are working hard on figuring out new ways to make these titles viable despite the current limitations.

Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth, and Niantic’s Pokémon Go, are two games that have included new features that aim to make gameplay simpler so that players do not have to venture too far from home. In Minecraft Earth, resources now spawn closer to a player’s location, while Pokémon Go has limited daily gifts and increased daily bonuses. Both companies hope that these recent tweaks will help keep players entertained and safe. 

It seems that, when it comes to AR games, in 2020, it is the World Health Organization that now makes the rules and not game developers. 

Online Casinos Should Soon Implement AR Technology

Online gambling has exploded in popularity in the past two years, as platform sign-ups have gone up by almost 70% during this period. The sector hits record-breaking revenue numbers every month, and it should double in size in the next seven years. The land-based gaming industry still holds the edge. Nevertheless,  its lead dwindles year-to-year, as the online sphere continues to adopt new technologies and platforms such as Pure Casino ( are continuously improving their game offer and service.

Though slots are the golden geese of the online gaming industry, once live casinos got introduced into the fold, they began to generate a significate portion of casino profits. It is fun to spin digital reels, and they do lead to big wins, but many players want an authentic casino experience. That is what live dealer games provide. Even though players can go up against a croupier located in a casino-like setting, they are still looking at a screen. Enter – live augmented reality casino. Operators are looking for ways to implement this technology so that you can put on a headset and see the croupier and the rest of the players at your kitchen table, further immersing you in your gaming journey. The option does not yet exist, but it’s coming. At first, expect it to feature crude graphics with rudimentary 3D models. That said, in about a decade, you will be able to enjoy Vegas-style roulette from inside your living room, and it will be hard to tell that you are home.

Augmented Reality Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

While AR will soon boost playing games of chance from home, the same will also apply for shopping. According to research company Gartner close to 100 million users utilized AR-enabled technology for shopping in 2020. Developers, customers, and retailers are now working together to bring forward quality AR solutions that enhance the purchasing experience. Sadly, only 32% of retailers stated that they plan to deploy such applications in the next three years. However, it would not shock us to see many of them crumble due to spiking demand and move forward with such plans faster. 

AR navigation apps are now a big thing and should rise in popularity in 2021. These apps help users by providing directions in malls, hospitals, airports, and office campuses. If caught in a situation where they do not know where to move to next, users can whip out their smartphones, point, and view information regarding their surroundings in real-time. Remote assistance via AR software should also grow, as well as AR in the automotive industry. In the latter, dedicated software will project holographic overlays over real-world environments providing directions, and ensuring safe driving.


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